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scuzzynuttyFebruary 26, 2012

Hi Laurie,

Saw your posts from a year ago on your install of Lauzon wood floors, it looks really nice. My wife & I are considering this flooring as recommended by a floor contractor and was wondering if you had considered the Red Oak Amaretto color. It looks a little more 'orangish' than the natural. It's hard to tell from website pics because every camera takes different shades. Noticed you were in Irvine, I'm in Aliso Viejo. Were you able to see sample colors before you bought? Thanks.

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I agree that it's hard to tell coloring with web site photos. And even with my own camera, the color looks different from photo to photo.

Before we decided on Red Oak natural, we did see it in a sample board at a flooring store. We were able to bring the samples home for a few days. Most stores only carried some of the colors Lauzon offered. There was a color I was very curious about (Pecan) and unable to find a sample of. I contacted Lauzon and they put me in touch with a rep in the area. The rep was able to send me a small sample of the pecan color (of red oak). I liked it, but we wanted our floor to be lighter over all, so we went with "natural".

In our home, red oak natural looks a little darker and a little reddish as compared to the floor sample that we had.
Maybe, this reddish color (as I see it) may be the "orangish" that you are describing?

Samples are very helpful, but it's possible that many colors will look different in each home depending on several factors like... Natural light, artificial light, and paint color of walls.

If you and your wife would like to see our flooring, let me know of the best way to contact you. Good luck with your flooring choice. You can't go wrong with Lauzon's quality!
It truly is a top notch product and we have been highly satisfied.


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Hi Laurie,
Thanks for your response. Yeah, the coloring is hard to tell, even from the Lauzon website pictures to a distributor pictures, to your pictures, all the shades are different for the same "red oak natural!" =)

Our case is really sad, because we had a leak in the kitchen, but the rest of our floor is in great condition and we loved the color, it was like an orangish color, so we're trying to match it as closely as possible.

So the red oak natural looks different than even the floor sample you had? I wonder if it's because they're from different batches? Well even all the wood on your floor isn't all the same shade, some are darker and some are lighter right?

Yeah, that would be awesome if my wife and I could see your flooring. I certainly hope it's not intruding or too much trouble! We're wanting exactly the same floor specs as yours (square edge, 3 1/4 x 7/16, semi-gloss) so it'd be great if we could see it in real life rather than just pics.

Please email me at my username here at gmail dot com. Thanks a lot!

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The floor sample we had was made up of mainly lighter colored boards. Our floor is a mixture of lighter, darker and medium shades. The overall effect is a little bit darker than I was expecting from the sample, but we still like it a lot. In our case, we had no other previous wood in the house that we needed to match up to.

Lauzon's square edge boards fit together so well. My husband really spent the time to make sure the concrete sub floor was very flat before we installed. The finish has held up nicely and it's about 2-1/2 years old. We don't have pets, so I can't tell you how it performs with scratching from dogs or cats running around.

I will email you today.

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Here are some pics of flooring samples I brought home when we were deciding. I believe most or all of these samples have the micro beveled edges.

Below is Red Oak Amaretto. This sample is laying on top of a child's desk. The desk has a wood top that looks a bit yellow when compared to the sample.

These next 3 pics, below, are all Red Oak Natural (on the same desk)

This next pic is Red Oak Natural on the left, and Hickory natural on the right (part of the desk is showing)

The next 5 pics show our Red Oak natural in our home.

FR to kitchen (tile) transition on right

From FR to Entry


Partially installed flooring. Boards on the left are "racked" and marked with a bit of masking tape noting their positions.

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@ Scuzzynutty.... which did you choose? I am considering the ameretto right now and wondering if you chose that one so I can see a full floor pic???

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MelissaRDH - I sent an email to scuzzynutty with a link to this post.
Hopefully, they will respond : )

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Hi Melissa,
Yes, I went with the Armeretto, BUT, this color does not come in Select, in only comes in Exclusive, which means that about 20-25% of the boards will have black knots etc in them. I did not like that. Since I wanted this color, I had to buy more boxes and take out the ones with knots as I wanted the floor to have a more clean look.

Here's some more pictures

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Laurie and Scuzzynutty, what do you think of the short lengths in the Lauzon boards? I was all set to narrow down my color choice until I found that the square cut (no bevel) options have 3 foot or less lengths. Do you think the shorter boards make the floor look choppy?

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The choppy look does not bother me. It seems to be more noticeable in the photos. When I'm in my home, the floor doesn't appear choppy to me.

The square edge (no bevels) boards need to be very well milled/manufactured and the sub-floor (concrete in our case) needs to be very flat. The Lauzon boards we purchased were so defects, no cracks, and every one fit so precisely.

We could have gone with a different product that had wider and/or longer boards, but then we would have bevels. I don't mind bevels, but just prefer without.

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