converting pellet stove to corn

eric01August 21, 2005

I am considering switching my pellet stove to a corn stove. I have some questions, a has anyone done this, b what differences do you really see?

Is corn really cheaper (than pellets) or is it a theory?

Where do you obtain corn for the stoves, my local stores only sell feed grade at 7.99 for 50 lbs, and wood pellets even with the price jump due to freight is only 4.30.

Is it cleaner or dirtier than pellets?

This is my starting point once I see the responses I will have a better udnerstanding what to ask.

Thank you

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Corn stoves are good for corn farmers cuz they usually have lots left. I don't think it's cost effective for the rest of us.

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It's easy to find here, but I live in Kansas. You might try an elevator or feed store for bulk corn. I Found that at $1.70 a bushel (56 pounds) from the COOP last year, corn is cheaper. I never burn pellets. We bought in bulk from the elevator or feed mill all year. Currently corn is $1.75 a bushel. I just pull under the loading gate with my pickup and fill her up, then transfer to trash barrels for storage.
Good luck!

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ford641, have you had any vent corrosion problems with you stove? I have heard corn is harder on vent pipe then pellet.

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I think that I will need to look into this more here in my area. I am in upstate NY and there are feed and grain stores in the area.

I am already thinking of alternatives to pellets. From March of last year until now the price of pellets has rose from 189.00 a ton to 220.00 and they are indicating that they will continue to rise with each shipment, due to the rising costs of transporting them.

OPEC gets you coming and going.....

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We have had a Harman Invicible insert for 4-5 years, I guess. 1st year, we burned the very expensive pellets sold by the dealer. Then we went to cheaper pellets, and for the last 2 years, have been burning a pellet/corn mix. Somewhere in the literature, or from the dealer, I was told we could go as high as 75% corn, 25% pellets. After experiments, we have settled on 2/3 corn, 1/3 pellets. I pull my '66 Chevy pickup up to the elevator in a small town nearby, and buy a ton of corn. Our 4 older kids unload it into blue plastic 55 gal. drums. We buy pellets a ton at a time, and get to work. We have to clean the corn, to get cobs, stem, dust, and such out, then the cheap pellets leave a lot of dust. The dust and corn debris can make our auger door lock up, and the feeder gets stuck. I can get 56 lb. of corn for $1.54-$2.50, as opposed to 40 lb. of pellets for $2.78-$5.00. They have the same basic BTU per pound. After we clean the two fuels, we just mix 2 scoops of corn for one scoop of pellets in the barrels, the boys bag the mix, bringing in about 20 lb. of mix per bag, several bags at a time. The stove is in the fireplace, center room of a 95 yr.-old house with 9 1/2 ft. ceilings, two stories, and unused attic with virtually no insulation. We use it as primary heating for all 6,200 sq. ft., and supplement with forced air gas. We use about 80 lbs. per 24 hours. Running full blast daytime, we can keep the whole house at 65 degrees when outside is in the teens. Noisy at full speed, but cheaper, especially with corn. Smells like popcorn sometimes, and the sugar in the corn clumps funny, but it's cheap, and the kids learn to work. Kids love it, especially when dressing after showers Saturday nights-except for the one who backed into it. A little to the left, and he would have been branded with the first 3 letters of our last name. Haven't had to use the battery backup, yet, but it's a great option. Wish I could get a better selection of pellets in Kansas, though.

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the original q. still remains can it be done to make an old pellet burn all corn with some pot mods

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