uneven sheen on tiles

diy-er3586February 20, 2013

I had 20" Emser Lucerne Alpi glazed porcelain tile installed about 1 month ago, and the sheen is uneven across about half of the tiles. I am unable to clean it so that the sheen is even. It looks dirty all the time. I hope the attached picture is adequate. It is difficult to photogragh. It looks to me like a problem with the individual tiles themselves, rather than grout haze. I think if it were grout haze the sheen pattern would flow from one tile to the next. Instead, the sheen pattern stops and starts at the edges of the tiles. It's a nightmare!

Has anyone seen this problem before? Please help!

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I don't see a way to add more than one picture at a time to the original message so I am adding one in a followup.

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Here's what happened, in case anyone else experiences this. The installer and I both tried nanoscrub and grout haze remover. Neither product produced any change. The installer ordered about 8 new tiles to replace the ones that looked the worst. The new tiles came in perfectly glazed, all identical. They were so good that we actually could not use them because they were so different from the installed tile, it would have made all the rest look even worse. Seeing these perfect tiles against the ones installed made it obvious that the original batch was defective from the factory. The installer said the manufacturer would not do anything about it because they were already installed. We ended up leaving the defective tile in because we were just exhausted after months of dealing with it. So we are just living with expensive ugly tile that we hate. If I ever have tile done again I will inspect every tile in detail before the installation begins. This was a no-win situation. Money down the drain. Check the sheen on your tile closely before it is installed!

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Just wondering if they have a particular "set" in one direction. In other words, if the "offending" tiles were rotated 90 degrees, would they then match up?

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