TIC investments

coolvtApril 5, 2007

Has anyone on the site ever been involved with TIC investments? Would like to chat with you.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Are you aware that there is no way to email you?

You might want to change your preferences to 'show email address to members,(in the drop down box) and allow emails to be sent via the form at GW.

I never heard of TIC investments, but now see it means Tenant in Common.

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Thanks. That's exactly what it means. I was just hoping to find someone on here who is into them.

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Can you be a little more specific as to what you're looking for... pitfalls of TIC? Discovering at a death you're now a TIC with a stranger? Living in a property and paying rent to the other tenant? One of the tenants forcing a sale of the property (forcing a legal "partition")?

I don't have any experience with one, but am always curious as to why something like this might be a good idea.

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Sorry, this is not the typical legal description of owning property with a spouse or friend or relative. TIC (Tenant In Common) is an investment vehicle...a long story but esentially for people who own investment property and want to do 1031 exchanges. I am into them and would like to meet others who are. They are new in the last 4 yrs. so most investors, accountants and lawyers have never dealt with them.
If there was a TIC investor on this site, they would know exactly what they are.

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