Is it OK to not use tapping block?

wijodyFebruary 26, 2011

And just strike the wood on the tongue or on the edge?

Also, when trying to fit tongue/groove click flooring around a hard to get to area (against wall with doorways) is it OK to shave off the click part with a razor and then use urethane glue from a caulk gun to glue the floor together?

(this is Teragren flooring, Synergy floating strand bamboo in Java)

(My third topic recently - sorry - I just really need advice)


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Just to clarify, they are using a rubberized mallet when hitting the boards (though they do seem to be making slight 'delamination' type marks along the edges here and there - at least, I assume that's what the marks are from. (?)

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The block is intended to reduce damage to the edges that will show after installation.

It is even more important with pre-finished material since there is no sanding/finishing step to possibly remove any slight damage.

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Thanks - so I'm not sure if I should tell the installers I didn't appreciate them not using one? Is it standard practice for a "pro" not to use them?

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If the manufacturer installation guideline says to use a tapping block, then they are installing your floor improperly. What does the manufacturer say?

It is fine to shave a little off the clic profile and then to glue the pieces. That is how it is done with most floating panels to secure them when encountering work arounds.

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