Costco Leather Furniture

mom_of_3tadpolesMarch 31, 2006


Wondering if anyone has experience with some of the leather collections at Costco. Any comments as to quality, customer service after the sale? They have such a great return policy in general, but I don't know how it applies toward on-line furniture purchases.

Many thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: I am considering these chairs

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I don't know anything about Costco's leather but I do know about their return policy. You can return anything you buy from them at any time if you are not satisfied provided you do not let your membership lapse. I don't know how they can do this but I know people who have purchased electronic equipment from them, the item broke AFTER 5 YEARS OF USE and THEY TOOK IT BACK at full price -- no questions asked. Their policy applies to all items, off line and online. You can call their CS department to double check but their return policy is the best in the business.

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I forgot to mention that they also refund shipping fees. I think the only exception to their unlimited return policy is computer equipment in which case you have 6 months to return.

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I bought a 4 piece leather set from costco about two years ago and have been very happy.

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Thanks very much. Gotta love Costco's great return policy. Has anybody else bought their leather furniture?

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We purchased a 4 piece set from Costco back in October of 2006 for $3200.00 and loved it initially. It was made by Viewpoint leather and had eight-way hand tied coil suspension with hardwood framing that was corner blocked. It is very comfortable and structurally has held up well. The problem I have is that it was advertised as aniline dyed top-grain leather all through out but there are other things to look for in leather descriptions to keep in mind. This leather may have been aniline dyed but it has been color corrected meaning that the color on the top side of the leather does not match the back. I felt this was deceptive advertising as it is desirable to have the leather the same color all the way through for wear and tear. To be fair I did request a swatch prior to it arriving and it was obvious at that time that the back was a light tan while the front was a rich reddish brown. The front looked like it had been rolled over with a stain brush or something which prompted me to call Viewpoint/Costco customer service number listed with the advertisement directly. I was told that the swatch is taken from a throw away piece and that it should be used to reflect the color of the furniture for matching purposes. I was also again told that it was aniline dyed top grain leather.

Bottom line is that aniline dyed leather is a useless advertising feature if it is dyed a color other than the finished desired color. The color has been coming off on the piping that surrounds the cushions, revealing a contrasting light tan. My son had his milk dribble from his sippy cup on the couch and though I promptly wiped it off, the color of the couch came off with it showing black underneath. So as far as I can tell my couch is made from different colors of aniline dyed top grain leather that has been color corrected to appear a uniform reddish brown. What's up with that!

Costco does have a great return policy and after 9 months of being in my home they are coming to pick it up at no charge. I have since ordered two couches and an ottoman from another set that Costco is selling however it is stated that it is Full grain, aniline dyed, and not color corrected in the advertisement and the swatch that I have been sent is indeed the same color all the way through. It also is of noticeably better quality and thickness.
The whole deal was as much my fault as Costco's as the leather swatch they initially sent me for the first go around was clearly not up to par. I just didnt know enough about furniture shopping to know better. It was the knowingly misleading person on the phone with viewpoint that led me astray. This new set is made by someone else though I do not know who yet and has similiar construction features as far as eight way hand tied seating and kiln dried hardwood framing. All Viewpoint leather pieces have a viewpoint rep on the phone and have the same email address for swatch sample requests.

The first set was well made structurally but I don't care if the frame and coil last 50 years if the leather is going to look damaged in 1 or two.
Just pay attention to the advertising. 100% top grain is not enough and aniline dyed is not necessarily either. Ask if it has been color corrected. Viewpoint apparently is very liberal with their use of other colored leather. It wouldn't be so bad if it was close to the same color underneath but light tan and black?!

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Thank you for your detailed info on the analine dyed, color corrected vs. full grain leather set. After months of shopping, reading about leather, etc., we were just about to place our order for a D'Oro set in Dark Brown. After calling D'Oro, we found out it is hand rubbed analine dyed/color corrected. Would definitely not want a lighter color to show through with wear, so need to look for something in full grain as you suggested. Thanks for sharing, as it's reviews like yours that save all of us from going through the same thing.

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