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kate38March 9, 2012

An inspector is coming out to take a look at our 5-year-old mattress because it's sagged in the middle to the point where we roll into each other at night. If they decide to give us some sort of refund, does anyone know if that refund has to be used to replace that particular mattress, or could we put that supposedly defective mattress in our spare room where it would rarely be used and use the refund towards a new mattress?

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Dear Function First what you have is called body impression. Regarding your question about the warranty. Mattress warranties are either "pro-rated" or "non pro-rated". Higher quality mattresses will usually have a non pro-rated warranty but not always. If you still have the warranty card that came with your mattress it should tell you there. You can also look at the "law label" and look for the warranty code. You can also call Sleepys or go the manufacturers web site to determine which type of warranty you have.

If it is "pro-rated" and you have had the mattress five years and they determine the mattress is defective, you will have to pay for a portion of the new mattress. If it is non "pro-rated" you wont have to pay anything.

They will not give you a refund in cash. Whatever portion of a credit you get it will be towards the replacement of the exact same mattress or a comparable mattress as determine by the manufacturer.

You will not be able to keep your old mattress. The retailer will have to pick it up and return it to the manufacturer so the retailer can get a credit and then the retailer will be re billed for the new mattress.

Your other option if the inspector sides against you is to take this up with the retailer. Sleepys will defer to the manufacturer and say it is out of their hands. The inspectors are usually hired by the manufacturer and not the retailer for exactly this reason, so the store doesn't take the heat. This did happen to a friend of mine. The inspector said it was normal body impression. They went back to the retailer and after a battle received a credit of about 40% for a mattress that was one year old. Their mattress did have body impression which the inspector said was normal..

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Thanks very much. This is good info. I received conflicting stories of how the refund could be used. Now that they're open I'm going to call, too, and see what the mother ship says.

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I have one for you I purchased a kingsdown bed for 3,978 5 years ago,
just last week my wife went to freshen up the bed Removed the bed protector (that we purchased at Sleepys with the mattress) to find mold all over the bed sleepys said they will not warranty The bed because mold is caused by moisture and that is not covered by the warranty so it cost me a Lil less than a grand a year to sleep with mold when it was there cover that caused the problem

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