vented gas fireplace options????

maryellenpeaceAugust 16, 2007


I've been to 4 fireplace stores in the last two days and have been reding posts here for about a month. I have learned a lot. Thank you all.

Im narrowing my search down but still have questions.

I have a small 1300 sq ft 2 level house. I want a direct vent gas fireplace in the corner of my living room on the first floor. (not too many corner pics I noticed).

Anyway, I want it for heat and looks. Is there an option on the fireplaces where you can get high heat out put and also a fire with little heat output on a summer evening???

What do you think is a good BTU ## for the size of my home.

I am convinced by what the experts here have said that Id rather pay more money than get a cheap unit that I'll regret later.

ALso do you think it is OK to have my carpenter friends install. They have a pretty high level of expertise but I am not sure of the level of expertise necessary for fireplace installation.

The dealer said it is not that hard. I already have a friend who worked at the gas co. for 15 years to bring a line up in to my living room.

Is the venting and install relatively easy???

ANy suggestions on a model. The sales man that seemed the most sincere suggested a unit called "Minnetonka" by Kozy heat?? any thoughts. Any info would be appreciated. thank you

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If your carpenter friends have any common sense they shouldn't have any problem with the installation. The venting is pretty self explanitory as for putting the hole through the exterior wall and putting the vent pipe through. You may want to look at Harman's HB38 Fireplace, I believe they call it the Serentiy III Here is a link to their website. (,42&title=Harman%20Gas%20Fireplaces). That unit has two seperate burners that you can turn on and off depending on the weather. They also offer custom made mantels that will fit just about any application.

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Thank you. That site was very helpful, firejumper

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