Cost Of Firewood

sparky-2007August 18, 2007

Wondering what everyone is paying for firewood. Here in eastern Ontario it goes for 180.00 to 200.00 for a full cord if you pick it up. Delivery extra.I cut a lot of my own. Mostly soft maple white birch and poplar. It burns fast, the white birch leaves a lot of cresote if you don't burn it hot. Lots of people going to free standing gas stoves but I love the wood heat even though it is a lot of work and can be dirty.

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As long as I'm able I will keep my woodstove. Wood around here in VT costs from $150 to 175 per cord. And you get a mix of maple, oak, birch and beech. I'll go through about 3+ cords a year.
I just can't cozy up to a gas fire knowing I gotta pay a utility.
Wood keeps you fit. I cut my wood when I can and buy the rest. I stack it and split it myself. There's a peace when you're out in the woodpile and concentrating on the task at hand. Your worries kinda become like background noise.You have this good feeling knowing your family's going to be warm this the winter because of what you're doing today. Let the power go out! Let it snow! I'll be warm and comfy next to my stove. And my "carbon footprint" will be neutral.

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Here on Vancouver Island,B.C. we are paying $165 per cord.Mostly fir,hemlock, and some alder. Softwoods, of course burn faster. So if you are paying approx $190 average for hardwood, well, it works out to be about the same value. Yep, just like everything else, the price of cordwood keeps going up!! We have a propane insert upstairs, and a wood insert downstairs, and the wood heat is much more comfortable, and like the previous post said :its carbon neutral:

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In Alabama where I live I get a cord for about $120.00 and it is all Oak and Hickory. And delivered.

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I'm new to wood burning and we just had an insert installed about a week ago. I've been diligently searching for firewood here in Cleveland Ohio and so far the price range is around $175 - $220 per cord. One fella even quoted me $400 price tag for a bug-free mix of hardwood!! When I bought the insert we also will receive a $250 value chainsaw that I hope to get a lot of use out of. Sometimes the suburb I live in offers free firewood to residents and I'm hoping they'll keep that tradition as well. As a new wood burner I'll be hanging around this site a lot more hoping to learn as much as I can from you seasoned pros!

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Thom, another great site for wood stove users is the forum there has many knowledgable experts in all areas related to woodburning.


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thanks for that Chris

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