Copper dining table or alternative?

craig00March 11, 2008

For our kitchen remodel were were originally going to have a table (40 x 72) fashioned of granite with a permanent base made by the general contractor. For a variety of reasons we're now considering another material. A friend/designer came up with mosaic tile (What I've seen so far, I'm not a fan) and DW is looking at copper tables with iron bases. Beautiful VERY expensive and I'm not sure how practical they are. I'm a wood kinda guy but DW prefers something more unique yet warm.

Any suggestions?

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Copper???? Why???? Do you know anything about copper? Google for information on copper countertops and check out the pictures.

Unique - yes
Practical - well, it will last forever.

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summiebee carries a copper table. I have a friend who has one and has had it for a few years and like it a lot. I do not know much about them though. Good luck!

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You may have been looking at the Arhaus tables as well. Hammered copper is just that - hammered. I can't see close enough to tell, but I'm guessing that it isn't flat - probably bumpy like mosaic tile. I'm just not a fan of bumpy tables and things that give your hands a funny taste.

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Yes, they are bumpy, not as bad as mosaic though. I would say it feels sort of like a pebbled leather when you run your hand over it. Not so bumpy that plates are going to wobble but bumpy enough that writing on paper on it will not give you a smooth look.

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craig: did you decide yet on a table?? I just saw the copper table at arhaus and just love it. We have a small coffee table in hammered copper with a very dark finish - but it seems to have laquered finish on it which shows scratches. After reading a lot on copper, it seems as though this is not hard to care for

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