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momasgenrlcontractorMarch 2, 2009

Hi, I'm trying to furnish our family room so that my husband and I can both lay down (or recline) to watch TV. I looked at many sectional options but I'm not sure they will fit in our FR. I think a reclining sofa may be best but I'm concerned as to how well the mechanism holds up. Are there any downsides to reclining sofas? What do I need to know about recliners? What manufacturers are best? I think we want fabric vs. leather but I'm not certain. Thanks!

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Reclining sofas because they do more also have more that can go wrong when compared to a stationary piece. You are going to have more wear and tear and a higher probablity of something needing attention down the line even if it's just an adjustment. Leather or fabric, a good leather should hold up better but some fabrics do well on motion furniture.

And yes there are levels of quality when it comes to motion furniture just like stationary pieces. The better brands not only build/design it to last longer but give you a better warranty in case of repair. Also one thing I heard the better brands use standard mechanisms that even if they do fail and need replaced it should be a somewhat painless thing to have done.

Some things that will help everyone with suggestions are: How much do you plan on using it, what kind of use, are there kids/pets, and if you don't mind what body types will be using it routinely.

To get even more information I suggest going to the forum I linked, there are some people there who really know these things.

Here is a link that might be useful: Furniture Forum

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