6 Weeks to Fitness: Who's In?

anele_gwApril 24, 2014

I have never, ever stuck to a fitness program, and I am ready! I think partners would make this more fun and help keep our motivation going.

Here's what I propose:
(1) Set individual goals that focus exclusively on strength, endurance, and flexibility.
(2) Participate in weekly thread in which we talk about our successes and obstacles.
(3) Share resources and tips (good videos, certain exercises, how to avoid injury, etc.)

However, I would ask that we refrain from any and all discussion of food and weight loss. There are a million places to do that, but I would rather focus on, "Hey! I did 20 reps using x weight" vs "I lost 5 pounds." I want this to be entirely about gaining something!

You will set YOUR OWN goals. Maybe your goal is to work out 10 minutes a day. Or 5 minutes! Maybe it's to touch your toes. I don't know. Whatever you want-- whatever you want to do for the next six weeks. This is all about enhancing who you are and what you can do.

Also welcome are those who regularly work out/are able to maintain a level of fitness who want to give us tips and encouragement!

C'mon! Let's do this! :)

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Who couldn't be more fit! I'm in. But to be honest, I don't need motivation, more like accountability. I exercise every day when possible.

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great idea Anele, I'm in. I've been slacking off lately so this is perfect for me to get motivation.

Disclaimer: I"ve been less to the gym because of moving, etc⦠and travelling. But who am I kidding ? I need to pay myself first and carve out 45 min to an hour to do this every 2 days.

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Being fit isn't always about losing weight. Sometimes it's just about being more stable on your feet, being able to garden a little bit longer without feeling tired, picking something up off of the floor without your back hurting.

I have been a runner for close to 40 years but took up gym work seriously about 5 years ago for strength, conditioning and core work. I wanted to be able to run for more years but the big thing was that I DON'T want to fall and break my hip when I'm 80, I don't want to get dowagers hump and I just wanted to feel stronger.

I figure that it's important for me to take care of myself because no one else is going to do it. The way the medical system is going there may not be enough support to take care of everyone as they age.

Make the time for yourself, just like you make time for everyone and everything else.

There are lots of upsides to doing this and I can't think of a single downside. To those who choose to do this challenge - have fun, set goals and make it a part of your life.

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I'm in!
Anyone who has looked at the healthy living monthly check in knows I have struggled for a while with eating and exercise.

Last year I bought a book The New Rules for Lifting for Women and FINALLY had a chance to sit and read it. I am going to start the plan and have an appointment with a trainer next week to make sure I have the form down for the first part of the program. I'm excited to get going. Several years ago I did a lot of lifting and it was so wonderful to be strong. It'll be fun to make goals once I know what the heck I'm doing. One other thing I really want to work on is balance. It's mostly free weights, which I think work a lot of the "little muscles" that get shut out by machines.

Thanks Anele!

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Great idea Anele! I'm in!

I told my husband that I want to use the elliptical every night, even if it's only for 15 minutes, just to try to build up some endurance. That was a few months ago and I still haven't used it. I know I need to make exercise part of my routine again (and the first steps are the hardest!) People always comment that I lost all my baby weight, which is nice, but it doesn't mean anything when I get winded just walking to my mailbox!

When do we start?!

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I would like to participate. I'd have to come up with specific fitness goals. I was doing great doing a group training thing, making progress, but then got sidelined with knee problems. It's really really depressing to hit a stride then have to pull back. I've been trying to stay active with walking ....and walking....and walking. To the tune of about 20-25 miles per week, which doesn't bother my knee. But that gets dull so am trying to stay motivated. I'm about 5 weeks out so think I'm ready to get back into it. Unfortunately the trainer I was working with only knows 110% so I'm a bit afraid to go back and face reinjury.

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I'm in! I'm excited about it!

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I'm in. Dh started a 6 week fitness challenge at work and I have just started with weights 2 times a week. That is the most I can fit in this time of year because of gardening but looking at a picture of myself, I saw how bad my posture was becoming and I want to nip that in the bud. I think some of my personal goals will involve getting better at squats (wall ones), holding planks for a longer time and supermans. My other biggie is I want to increase my flexibility which has always been poor for me. Can anyone recommend a good yoga book?

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Ellendi, if you work out daily already, are you looking to amp up what you already do/add challenges, or ?

Mitch, yes, "pay yourself first." If the 45-1 hr time is too much, you can always shorten it-- say you will do 20 minutes, for example, and then if you have time, you do more. Whatever is realistic for you!

Blfenton, exactly. I have psoriasis (thankfully, to a mild degree), but I am always concerned it will turn into psoriatic arthritis. My knee has bothered me a bit in my 20s, and last year noticed that I was developing pain in one, just walking up an down stairs . . .and I'm only 40. I DO NOT want to be dependent on anyone if I can help it, need knee surgery, etc. so I need to do what I can right now to strengthen my muscles to support my joints . . .and I can easily see that I would be a candidate for osteoporosis as I am white, small-boned, and female. I hope you join in with tips!

Bethpen, thank you for the resource! I think I will add a continuously-edited post at the top with resources/tips so we can collect them all. Let us know how your appt goes!

Amj, yes, that is exactly it. I feel that if we focus on the attributes I mentioned above (endurance, strength, and flexibility) we will really be taking care of our health. 15 minutes daily is great!

Kellienoelle, I am so sorry for your injury. I am prone to knee issues as well. There are several books about how to prevent knee problems, and I need to pick one and read it! (And then implement it!) Is there another trainer you might consider? And yes, it is so hard when your mind is willing but your body won't cooperate, esp. when you were progressing. But, that is what this is about . . .just doing something and keeping moving forward, even if it's a little slower. Whatever works for you!

Love the Yard, so glad you will be participating!

So, I wanted to start this on a Friday because I thought it would be fun to end on a Friday, too, but maybe we should take the weekend to plan and come up with some simple goals.

I would suggest we do the following (and I'll start a new thread for it, if you agree).
1. Pick a goal or goals that are very realistic. I want us all to finish at 100%. So, if you have to aim low (in your mind) for that to happen, aim low. My guess is that once we have success in little ways, it will grow vs. being overwhelmed or fail to accomplish what we want right from the start.
2.Identify our potential obstacles ahead of time and list them. This comes from the whole, "fail to plan, plan to fail." We can, together, brainstorm ways to address these obstacles.
3. Identify our strengths ahead of time and list them. I think by doing this, we can pep ourselves up, and when things get tough, remind ourselves of what we have going for us, and how we can use that to forge ahead.

So, how does this Monday sound as a start date? That would mean June 8th would be our finale! (Or end of this chapter, only to move onto more!)

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Count me in! My focus will be to get my arms/shoulders in shape and of course a little lite cardio, walking at least 45 minutes every day at a leasurely pace~I'm in Tx and it will be in the 90's next week!

I have 8 lb free weights and I'll be doing several different exercises to help tone different muscles.

Balance! i will literally become a flamingo!! If I can stand on one leg for 2 minutes, I will have accomplished something I haven 't been able to do for years. The goal is to be able to wear a 2 1/2 " heal when I take my 3 dd's on a girls trip to Charleston in May!

Ready, set, go!!!!

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I'm in as I will need to figure out new goals. I'm pretty fit right now, but will have have Endovenous laser therapy on both legs starting in about a week and will be limited to just walking then. Maybe stretching will be ok and I could put flexibility as a goal. I'm really afraid what I will loose fitness wise doing that as when I'm cleared there to start doing weight bearing exercises again I'm having ankle surgery. So for the next 5 weeks I need to figure out how to not loose muscle tone, but rather maintain without doing any straining. Not sure if that is possible though.

Once I have the ankle surgery at least I know I can do upper body and core exercises and use my left leg for things.

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Yes, I do something everyday. Today I just walked two miles with the dog, will go to a weight training class in a few minutes.
I like the idea of a challenge, and balance is hard for me. I think I'll do what Patty cakes suggested in her post above.
When you say "work out" what does this mean to you?

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I'm in. Perfect timing too-I have been getting frustrated at my Pilates class as the instructor tries to move me into more advanced work. While my core is much, much stronger...the rest of me including my spaghetti arms and lack of balance/stability is really making me embarrass myself! Just this week I was thinking that I really need to push myself out of the rut and expand my work outs. I have been procrastinating about getting back into a running routine which was supposed to be my goal back in, um, January. I also have not started the simple weight work for my arms that I have been idly plannign on doing 'soon' since, um, longer than last January...

Anele, thanks for starting this and for the follow up post of very wise advice from you. I need to figure out what my realistic, attainable goals are so that's what I'll do now and on Monday I will be ready to go.


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First, I have an irrational need to defend the monthly Healthy check-in thread. It's not just about weight loss. It's about all topics of physical & mental health and fitness.

That said, a thread devoted to exercise is a good idea. I'll certainly read along and chime in.

Since balance has been mentioned above here's my first tip: brush your teeth standing on one foot. It helps you work on your balance.

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Lyfia--I just had EVLT on Monday so ask me any questions. I was a little nervous (the Ativan and Versid helped that--ha!) and the procedure went well. Very little pain at all. I go in for my second leg on May 5th. Had my ultrasound yesterday and it was successful. I do yoga 3 times a week and the tech said I could go back to that next week.

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Tish, I'd love to hear how your DH's work is doing it! Maybe we can get some ideas! I've heard of a plank, but not a superman. Sounds hard!! Glad you are joining!

Patty, does the 90 degree weather ever become an issue for walking, or do you manage? I like the heat, but I can see it sometimes being a problem. What kind of exercises will you do w/your weights? (From a book, DVD, your brain?) And yes to the heels!! I think the more specific we can be, the better!!

Lyfia, you are so smart to be planning ahead. What kind of exercises do you do to stay fit right now? Keep us updated re: your surgery and procedure!

Ellendi, "work out" for me? I just use it very generally. Could mean anything that challenges the body! What is your routine right now?

Ann, do you do Pilates exclusively? Are there any DVDs you recommend? I used one recently and was not happy with it, but love the idea of Pilates in general.

Hhireno, this is in no way meant to "diss" the other thread. Honestly, I don't come on this side very often and didn't even know it existed! I come from this more because I am tired of (in general) women focusing on weight and food. Can be very emotional and triggering for people. Thus, I would love for a place where we can be very objective and specific-- just get the job done while appreciating what we can do.

sboxx, when you do yoga, do you attend a class? Tish asked for a yoga book recommendation-- I'd be interested in this as well as any DVD ideas.

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Very timely thread anele! Thanks for starting it and I hope to participate. DH and I just ordered T25 DVD and waiting for it to arrive. Tried the px90 and Insanity dvd's but too hard anT this time to commit to an hour, so this tape is only 25 minutes five days a week. Should be doable without getting frustrated.

We have free weights and machines in the basement that I rarely get motivated to use, so this thread will motivate me to walk down those stairs and start getting the jiggley arms and thighs toned! Lol. I am one to need a plan of attack as to what reps, exercises, etc to use. DH is good with that for guys and try's to make me work too hard.

Is it more reps less weight or the other way around?

Big tip for workouts whether walking, running, weight lifting is great music! Very motivating. I need to get an IPod!

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An instructor has Christian yoga classes at my church and I've been going about 3 years and love it. She put out a DVD showing 5 different variations on each poses/movements and I'll link to the trailer so you can get an idea of what her DVD is like. I'm not in the video but am in the promo (the one doing the Warrior Pose) and on the DVD jacket. I also subscribe to Yoga Journal and their web site has different videos so you can see poses and movements there. I bought the book Dynamic Yoga by Kia Meaux and that was helpful to learn the poses. Yoga has been great for me in the areas of flexibility, balance and strength and it's something I hope to be doing when I'm 90! My instructor's web site is bodyinunity.com and the link to her trailer is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jtxsJtkXBE&list=UUMqzUgbCZm0bAhf-29EehuQ. I hope that helps.

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This sounds like a great motivational group! I've been training for a 10k run that will be on Memorial Day. First 10k I have run in many years, and my DD and I are doing it together. Since I was re-habbing from ACL surgery a year ago, I'm thrilled to be back running again. This week I've had a terrible cold and it's set me back but hope to run again in the morning with my group. We run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. So far I'm up to 5 miles (the furthest distance run), and tomorrow we're supposed to do 4.5. There is a prescribed distance to run on M/W/T/Sat and Tues and Sun as rest days or for cross-training days. You can of course alternate some of those days for convenience. So far I have been ding well and running about 13-15 miles/week (except this one due to illness). I have been doing a lot of gardening, so have been neglecting my weight training the last couple of weeks though, due to time.

Once this race is over I need to focus on the next race or next goal of some sort to keep the running going and to keep moving. It's so easy to fall back into the 'sofa trap', especially when it gets hot and humid here in July and August.

Anitamo, I'd recommend you do less weight and more reps. Start with a mini-circuit of different exercises with your weights (biceps, flys, triceps, squats with body weight, etc), then rest a couple of minutes and then repeat the weight circuit. You can also use the lower weights very, very slowly and gain some additional effectiveness this way.

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I'm in! Last year my goal was to be able to climb alpine hills and cathedral bell towers with DH on our anniversary trip. Did it! But I never went back to the gym after that, and my body is complaining. So it's back to the gym and my lovely trainer, with the following goals: able to lift a 35# bucket of kitty litter from the cart to the car and car to house, and walk a mile in 15 minutes without getting winded. Doable?

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sboxx - maybe I should start a new thread on that, but I was told no weight bearing/straining exercises for 3-4 weeks. The only yoga I know includes straining exercises. Maybe flexibility ones would be ok. I'm going to ask about swimming too. I didn't get prescribed anything before the procedure. Should I? I'm not worried, but will be doing both legs 4 days in a row. 1 main vein per leg each day. My first is on May 5 too. What restrictions did they give you?

My current exercise consist of soccer 2-3 times a week and circuit training 2 times a week. The last is a class at lunch that is held at work and she works us hard and it is a lot of variety. I also will do some running. I have a perfect 5K loop where I live without having to get on the highway. I stick to max 5 days of working out with 2 rest days. Generally 2-3 days of those 5 are strength base.

I've found I do better if I work out with other people. Ie others expect me to be there. On my own I don't last as well. Been at it now for over a year and it took me about 8 months to get to my current fitness level so worried I'll loose it again. Been doing the soccer for a while, but tired a lot. Now I can hang and pass the "young'uns" (I play with 15 year olds and up) in both speed and stamina and can play the whole game at my max. vs. needing breaks before. The circuit training class is what has brought me that.

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Has anyone tried Barre classes?

A Pure Barre studio opened in my area back in November. Classes are not cheap, but I was able to buy several packages at a large discount, which is less than my gym membership, so I didn't feel too badly. However, the barre concept seems to be offered at many gyms around here, so anyone interested might see if their gym offers it if Pure Barre is outside of your budget.

The class focuses on core strength but really works the region from your midsection down to your calves. There is also a segment for upper body, but truly, it's great for anyone trying to tone and shape their butt, inner/outer thighs, love handles, etc. I was doing it religiously for the first 6 weeks and really truly saw a difference in the way my pants fit. Unfortunately, for about six weeks in Feb/March for a variety of reasons, I couldn't get to the class but I'm back on track now. I don't go as often as I also run several times a week and do a TRX class, but boy, barre really works (for me) in targeting areas that are often neglected in a traditional gym class.

I like this idea of having a thread set aside for people wanting to set specific goals and being held accountable. I do really like hhireno's thread also - I have learned a lot of things in that thread and hope it continues!

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My DIL takes Pure Barre in the Birmingham area and she said it's the first exercise she has done in years that she loves. I have another friend here who has taken it for several years and she also loves it. Both tried running and had some problems (one with plantar fascitis and the other with knee issues) so had to give it up. Both look great btw.

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I suspect that you will all know this stuff but just a reminder

When you're standing on one leg remember to slightly bend the other one, do a pelvic tilt and make sure to keep your shoulders back and down. When you first start this exercise do it in front of a mirror and make sure that your knee is tracking with your toes. You don't want your knee to be going in or out. When you bend the other knee slightly pretend you are about to sit down - so butt back rather than knee forward.This can also be done when spitting out your toothpaste. Try to work up to standing upright when brushing your teeth and then slightly bend over to spit but keeping your form.

Another level to this, instead of working up to standing on one leg for 2 minutes, work up to one minute and then change it to eyes closed for 10 seconds standing on one leg.- and build up your time slowly to maybe 20 seconds. This helps with those unexpected ankle turns. If this is hard, start with running shoes on and work up to doing it in bare feet which is more difficult.

WRT shoulders - Women tend to bring their shoulders forward which shortens the muscles across the front of the chest (right under the clavicle) and gives you that hunched looking posture. It's hard work to bring the shoulders back but worth it. (basically show off that chest)

When doing arm lifts or presses, the same thing will happen - your shoulders will tend to come forward. Lower the weights and work at keeping the shoulders back and down.

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I can't say enough good things about finding time with a group of gals to work out with. It keeps you going when you lose your motivation, and is spiritually nurturing as well.

My Warrior Women Club -- that's our tongue-in-cheek name we call our work out group -- recently had a 48th birthday party for our beloved Madame Kettlebells. Wanting to emulate her fitness is certainly motivating. Maybe some day my arms will look like hers! Probably not...but the attempt feels good and is good for me. Our Warrior Women group has been so gratifying: we laugh as much as we grunt and groan, even occasionally have a glass of champagne after working out, and we've grown so close.

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I am so excited to be doing this. Thank you for doing it with me!

And Awm . . .wow to those arms!!! I would be such a help around here if I got those muscles. I saw a job ad to work doing estate sales, which I would LOVE, but one of the recs was being able to lift 50 lbs. So, maybe that will be my (long-term) goal!

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Just to be clear, those certainly aren't my arms! But Madame Kettlebells is amazing and a fine role model for the benefits of staying active, strong, & fit as one ages.

It's surprising how quickly you lose balance, strength, & agility with age -- a rapid downward spiral. Any effort to exercise is so worthwhile and pays back in so many good ways. Best wishes & many pats on the backs to all of you here -- my fellow warrior women!

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BTW, did you all see in the news recently about how exercise helps keep skin looking younger? And best of all, may even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising later in life?

It's never too late to start exercising!

Here is a link that might be useful: Younger skin through exericise -- NYT Well Blog

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"Ann, do you do Pilates exclusively? Are there any DVDs you recommend? I used one recently and was not happy with it, but love the idea of Pilates in general. "

I started Pilates with group classes almost 2 years ago at my university wellness center. The instructor was amazing, and in the process of opening her own studio. She offered some great intro rates for private training so i took advantage...and got hooked :). Honestly, if you had told me that I'd one day spend money on individual training I'd never have believed it.

However, the difference not only in my body but my outlook has been astonishing. I find that Pilates has not only tamed the belly bloat/bulge that I despaired of ever losing but gives me a wonderful mental and spiritual workout every time I do it.

Honestly, I'm not sure how someone could really do Pilates effectively using just a video-the essence of correct technique is very, very subtle. It's sort of a Zen-like process, and although it isn't an impact work out it IS a tough and challenging one. Not to mention that the equipment is quite specialized and without that again I don't understand how one could do the exercises properly or correctly. As my instructor says if you are doing it right it never gets easier!

That said, I really need to expand my exercise regimen, so your challenge is most welcome and most timely!

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" may even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising later in life?" Ok, count me in. I'm starting at a new gym that is opening on Tuesday and this is just the kick in the pants I need. I manage my calories at a site called CalorieKing and that's helping me with the weightloss but I need help/fellowship with those that exercise too. Thanks for starting this challenge.

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Okay - I think this might be just what I need to help me get back on track with exercising during the week and not just on weekends. When do we start?

DH and I use a yoga video called Yoga Weight-Loss Workout for Dummies by Chris Freytag. This was recommended to DH by a friend of mine who is a yoga instructor. It's kind of fast paced and gets your heart rate up. DH, who has no need to lose weight by the way, does it far more often than I do. He's been doing this routine several times a week for over two years and is now far more buff than he ever was when he went to the gym, lifted weights, etc. He's also eliminated all the weird neck and back pain he had presumably from taking a bad water ski spill at an advancing age - or could be from being rear-ended a couple times.

Anyway, I'm in!

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I agree with runninginplace that you can't learn Pilates with a video. The technique is too subtle, and without private lessons you will never understand what you are supposed to feel when you are doing it right. And you will have no idea that you are (almost definitely) doing it wrong.

I have been doing Pilates 2-3 times a week for over 8 years, and it has made an amazing difference. It is a workout, but one should incorporate cardio, too. I do a lot of cardio but am bad about really challenging myself. I'd be up for joining in and trying to step up the cardio some.

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Oooh! I like the idea that this will help my skin, too. That would be fantastic.

What a disappointment that Pilates can only be done with an instructor! :( I understand why, but that means it just won't be possible for me now. I have 2 very big obstacles, and they are time and money. I am with at least one young child from 6:30 until about 9:30 at night. My DH often works late. Everything I do has to be at home. Classes with childcare would be too much $ for me.

Gibby, that sounds like a great idea re: the yoga video.

Sboxx, I went to a class like that once! I have a friend who does the same kind of instruction. Very neat idea. I am not a Christian, so it was a little disconnected for me, but I can see how it would work really well for others. Wow that you are in the promo! So cool!

Lyfia-- wow, soccer? That is cool. I love the idea of combining exercise into an actual activity. I know that running works for many . . .but for me, no (for many reasons).

Well, I am thinking I am going to do some ballet on a regular basis (I think I would LOVE those Pure Barre classes, but whatever I do has to be at home), yoga, and circuit training videos. I got a circuit training video that I really like-- everything was just one minute (cardio/weights), but it was what caused a knee injury, so I will have to modify.

Anitamo, I am going to look up that T25 video. I need shorter workouts, too.

For me, this is going to have to involve going to bed a LOT earlier, which will be good for me. That is the only way I will be able to get up early enough before (hopefully) the younger kids do. I am planning an am routine so that I know I am done for the day, and will feel good the rest of the day with it checked off my list.

So, Monday, here we come!!

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About Pilates individual training:

" I have 2 very big obstacles, and they are time and money. I am with at least one young child from 6:30 until about 9:30 at night. My DH often works late. Everything I do has to be at home. Classes with childcare would be too much $ for me. "

Exactly my experience--I didn't take up Pilates until a couple of years ago and my kids were in *college* at that point.

It is pricey and my inner cheapskate does cringe at the cost. However, one of the lovely things about this vibrant middle-age life phase is that we're fortunate enough to have more funds and less expenses as our kids have grown up, not to mention less commitment of my free time to volunteering at school and raising children.

My stepmother, who was a professor of occupational therapy, also told me something that really affected my perspective. I was bemoaning the cost and she pointed out that it's an investment in my health and well being. As she said, would I rather spend the money on getting and staying healthy or on treating aches and pains because I didn't?

Luckily our university wellness center is a fabulous resource; we get a discount on the monthly membership fee and it's got it all from a great indoor running track to both free and machine weights to discounted trainers if you want someone to help show you how to use it all. Which is to say I have NO EXCUSES not to do this particular challenge :).


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I love Pilates but it is out of favor at my gym. The last two classes were cancelled. Also it became limited at the Y where I was a member.
I know the experts here don't recommend DVD's but I started learning about Pilates with Mari Winsor's DVD. I think it's good for a beginner. Of course, nothing beats an IRL class, but this can be an alternative to doing nothing at all.

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I agree that it would be very hard to learn Pilates from a video, but if that is the only way you can get started, then go for it. Maybe you can find a studio that offers small group classes that would be reasonably priced at a time when you attend for several weeks and get some personal attention to augment what you learn in the video sessions. I have taken for several years but had to drop last year when I had my knee surgery and then was out of the country for 2 months. I plan to pick up again this summer when my instructor opens her new studio. She is offering a new evening class that will also meet my schedule needs a little better.

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I'm in. We are off for a few days, so it'll be hit or miss seeing me online - but I want to join in. I'll think more specifically about goals, but I want to work more toward flexibility (had a hip muscle issue) and get back into my walking on a REGULAR basis.

Great idea Anele - thanks!


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OK, so what did you all do today? I helped DH stack wood and went for a great bike ride.

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I did some walking. A lot of miles up and down stairs trying to get my wireless internet working with my Direct TV. If cursing was an exercise I'd be very fit right now.

I also busted out my weighted hula hoop and did a couple of minutes. It is hard! I think I will try to pick it up several times between now and bed.


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Ok I promise no more hijacking of the thread after this comment to Lyfia re ELVT: My dr. prescribed Ativan 1 hour before the procedure and then when I arrived, they gave me Versed. As far as restrictions, no hot showers for the first week, no aerobics, weight training or running for 2 weeks after. The nurse told me no yoga for a week and then after the ultrasound, the tech said I am cleared to do yoga--just to listen to my body. I will be a little nervous going back to yoga on Monday because I don't want to undo anything the dr. did but hopefully I'll ease into it. I wish I were doing my other leg right away but I still have to wait another week. I hope you have great success with the procedure too. Kind of getting used to wearing these compression stockings--I live in Orlando and so far I'm not sweating to death!

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Ann, I absolutely agree with your stepmother. I am viewing this as an investment in myself, which will help EVERYONE in my family. If I have good health in the long run, which means a positive, peaceful attitude, then we all win. For me, the time is just as much as an obstacle as the money, though. I am often alone with my (young) children for 13+ hours, so for me, at-home exercise will work the best instead of having to worry about childcare . . .if we were closer to a Y, that would be an option, though.

I will have to keep researching, though. Maybe there is another place that is easier to get to. I read a study that said a facility needs to be no further than 12 minutes away
in order for you to be more likely to go!

Ellendi, thank you for the recommendation! I will look that up. Interesting that it's fallen out of favor, but I guess not surprising. I guess there are trends in exercise just like everything else!

Tina, yes!! You don't have to be online, anyway, esp. if it cuts into your actual exercise time!

sboxx, it's not hijacking at all! I can see how it's tricky to get back into things given your restrictions. Glad you are OK in the stockings!

Awm, that sounds great! Does driving 40 minutes to get a lamp count, haha! It was $5 and a Bouillotte style, complete with shade. BUT, I did squeeze my legs while I drove, and believe it or not, I feel it a little today. I spent the rest of the day cleaning while my husband did DIY, which meant Disaster It Yourself. He forced an outlet into a wonky space (old house, weird wiring), and now several of our rooms have no electricity. Sigh. Our GC is coming over this am, thank goodness!

Beth, haha about the cursing! I've never heard of a weighted hula hoop. Sounds so interesting . . .going to look that up!

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Inspired by this thread I went for a walk Friday night after work. Yesterday two and a half hours of hard labor doing spring cleanup in my yard/woods. Today either an hour on the stationary bike or my yoga routine - weather is crummy today so some kind of indoor activity is in order.

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Gibby...I hear you on the spring clean up! That is a workout.
I started a day early...
DH and I did the T25 DVD today. I barely made it through the 25 minutes, but proud that we finished. It feels good to get it done in the morning and to go the rest of the day knowing I accomplished that small feat.

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Anele, maybe a kiddie trailer for a bike would be a nice thing for you. Do you live in a low traffic residential area? Or can you get to a park with bike trails?

Here is a link that might be useful: trailer that can accomodate one child up to 80 lbs.

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My training group ran 4.5 miles Sat morning. It was a struggle for me this time since I am still getting over this cough and cold but I made it. Today I have been working in the veggie garden before the storms hit. Got everything in before I got sick but I needed to mulch and plant a few more seeds and tidy up a few things around my perennials, etc.

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Gibby, wow!! That's great! I love it when exercise ties into something practical.

Awm, I don't have a bike anymore! Maybe something I need to get again. Off topic, but I find it a hassle to have the kids bike here because it is just one driveway after another, which is too scary for me. I love having a DW but there is just nowhere to bike.

Outside, wow that you made it with your group! That's awesome. Gardening is such a good activity, too.

Anitamo, tell me about that DVD/program. What's it like for knees? (Are there a lot of lunges?) Glad you made it through!

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Well, I don't see the post I typed up....so I will start again.

I am IN!!

My goal is to increase my ab strength.

Because I work with horses, as some know, I can walk 1000 miles, but cannot run 50 yards. I never have been able to run, so it is nothing new. I can lift 40 50 lb bags of feed(1 at a time, lol), and carry 5 gallon buckets of feed and water multiple times a day, but lifting an 8 lb weight multiple times makes me sore.

I gave up my gym membership because it takes 2 1/2 hours to go to a class. I LOVE classes, not so in love with machines.

The main obstacle to doing this ab work is that I have to do it in the living room, which is also DH's office. I have to have video motivation, haha.


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I am a long time mostly lurker - well, I used to post a few years back but forgot my user name and had to create a new one today - who is interested in joining this challenge. I turned 48 today and have been sitting on my butt with a severely broken right ankle for the last 5 weeks. So, I'm feeling older and out of shape. My ankle is not functional yet and my calf is withered.

I can't do much exercise wise, but will focus on seated exercises, which I should have been doing for at least the last three weeks. I have my hand weights nearby now and will use those along with doing tricep dips on the stairs. I will also do leg lifts.

My PT tells me it'll likely be the end of June before I can walk very far, which is very frustrating. Will be so happy to walk again for fitness and enjoyment!

Good luck to all in achieving your goals.

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