What kind of utility costs are you paying?

ellenjApril 10, 2008

Just curious to compare to other parts of the country...

Our household of 4 is paying in PA

basic cable with internet...107

water....................... 65



heat (gas)..................163


phone (landline).............48

cell (3 line)............... 85

Its a 3 bedroom house with central air. Our gas heat billed is billed on a budget plan 10 months a year.

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We have our own well.
We have a septic system.
We average $40-50/mo. for electricity. (use strips and shut off "vampires"!!)
We use propane for the stove; haven't had a bill since last summer. Can't tell you honestly.
$40-50/mo. for landline phone. No cell phones.
$50/mo. for cable internet. No cable TV.
$2000-2200/yr. for heating oil (heat and hot water); this is based on the most recent price of $3.70/gallon.

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Far north Chicago suburb. Two retired people. 2900 sq ft house.

Natural Gas (Heat, Dryer, Water Heater)....$2400
Electricity (Light, Cooking, Fridge/Freezer, Nu-Heat in one bath)....$1700
AT&T (Land line, Broadband WiFi)....$900
City Water and Sewer (Includes underground sprinkler.)....$800

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Pacific Northwest, 2 retirees

Electricity is on budget payment plan at 150
Water 42
Internet DSL 28 (basic landline is free, employee benefit)
Cell phone service 49
Propane averages about 85
No sewer (we have septic)
Direct TV 59

House is 3200 sq ft with central heat provided by heat pump (auxillary electric furnace)

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Two people in eastern PA, about $420 a month

basic cable/phone/internet..108
water (well)................. 0
heat and hot water (oil)....175 (averaged over whole year)
sewer (septic)................0
cell (2).................... 20

2000 square foot house with central air, includes electronic music studio and large livestock barn with lights and power.

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Texas, central coast near Houston. Single-person household. 2,550 sq ft house, 4 years old. 5-ton 12 SEER heat pump. No natural gas or propane.

Landline = $17.25/month base charge (rarely any long distance)

Cell = $36/month for regional calling plan with "free" weekends

Cable internet = $35.65/month *without* TV

Electric = $103/month averaged over the past six months (rates went up last month). $122/month averaged over the past year, but that includes some trouble with the HVAC system that raised a couple summer months by ~$40 each.

Private well, water is part of electric.

Private septic, sewer is part of electric, plus $260/year maintenance contract required by the county.

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Basic cable, internet & phone: $125 (will rise after intro rate)

gas & electric: $300 winter, $80 summer (no AC)

Water and sewer: $70

cell phone: $10 (I'm an add-on to my daughter's phone)

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Louisville, KY - Monthly costs for one person, 1900 sq ft single family detached home

Broadband Internet $45
Water & Sewer $65 (every 2 mos.)
Gas & electric $140 avg
DirecTV $120 (hi def, all channels)
Landline $35.00
Cell phone $0.00 (employee benefit)

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Eastern Iowa, 3000SF single family detached house (two levels), 2 adults, 2 teenagers who live with us half of every week:

These are all monthly charges:

basic cable with internet: 120 (includes digital cable on two TVs, plus DVR on one, and cable internet on 2 computers)
water/sewer/garbage: 60
heat/electricity: 115 on budget billing (pay same amount every month)
Central air: 150, but last year was our first summer in our house
phone (landline).............25 (local calls only)
cell (2 lines)...............85 (includes 700 shared minutes on both lines and 300 text msgs on 1 line)

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Central Alabama. 2,000 sq. ft., 2 adults. Lots of glass, skylights, etc., with little insulation.

Cable/phone/internet: $160 ((HBO + HD/highspeed modem)
Water - $25
Sewer - none, septic
Garbage - $21 (one big container, once per week)
Fire dues - $15
Land Line - $26
Cell phones: $65 for two, 700 minutes
Electric/Gas - $350 average in hottest/coldest mos. Nice break in April/October for an average of $150.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

We have a 2200 sq ft house in the mountains of central NM. Our family of 6 pays:

1. Water/Sewer - $40 including a $5 monthly charge that will have the septic tank pumped every 2-3 years.
2. Electricity - $90 (I am working to bring this down but I do a lot of laundry)
3. Natural gas: $50 summer. $150 winter. We do use a wood stove. We have 5 zones for our radiant heat but only leave one on. We do warm 80 gallons of hot water.
4. Cable: None.
5. Phone: $76. This is our landline and internet. $15 a month goes to just fees and taxes.
6. Cell phones: $40 every 3 months. We use prepaid phones and rarely use any of this $40. If we do call longdistance, we use the cell phones.
7. Trash: None. We take it to the transfer station ourselves once month on our way into town to do our big grocery shopping.

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water- ~21.00 a month for the house, have a well for outdoor watering needs
sewer- on septic
propane- roughly 8-9.00 a month for the gas dryer. we fill the tank once every couple years.
Directv- 155.00 a month, have 6 RX and all channels plus HD
Phone- 75.00 for wife cell, mine is paid by company.
Internet- wireless internet link to company, no charge.
Electric- ~250.00 avg, 350 or so peak for the house. 19.00 for the well, base charge, rarely enough usage at .08 per kwh for them to even charge me.

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We live in the Pacific Northwest. Two people, 2900 ft of finished space, 45% of it on lower walk-out level. The following inclues fees and taxes:

Natural gas - $88.00
Electricity - $65.00 (no a/c but a portable one we use about 10 days in the summer)
Water and sewer - $100 (sewer based on water usage and is very high - 5x the cost of water).
Land line, long distance, Direct TV and internet service - $136.00
Garbage collection- $23.00
Cell phone - $26 - 60 min per month

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Our only utility bills are phone and electric. We have a private well and septic tank. Phone about $80 (includes cell phones), electric runs $100-120 a month year 'round (heat pump, all electric appliances). We are in WNC. No internet charges, thanks to Darling Neighbor who lets me piggyback on her wireless. Dish Network is considered a luxury, and runs about $50/month.

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monthly, NE Ohio, 4 adults, 1800 sq. ft home

city utilities includes: $80-120 (depends on season)

gas budget payment $150
land line phone $ 40
cell phone(personal use) $ 10 work pays for
no cable

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Monthly, NE Ohio *waves to diggerb2*. 2 Adults, approx 1800 sq ft.

I'm also including the rate per unit for gas/electric, since that makes a big difference!

- Gas (heat, dryer, water heater): $130, budget amt
current rate: $13.89/MCF

- Electric (stove + usual appliances): $65 (varies +/- $10, should put on budget)
current rate: $.12/kWh (roughly taking into account "generation" fees and "customer" fees and all that other crap they add on. Ahem.)

- Water (city): $25 (varies +/- $10)

- Landline phone: $25

- Cable + Internet: $60

- Cells (2 with the smallest plan that still too big): $70

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SE pa, 4300 sf 2 adults, 3 children

Water/sewer bill..500 per quarter,800 in summer(pool and LONG showers by kids)

Gas/electric----500 monthly average(did i say kids take LONG,HOT showers)higher somewhat in summer

Cable 150 per month

Cell phones---150 per month

garbage---100 per month

phone/high speed internet--100 per month

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I see this is really old, but what the heck.

NC 2700sq.ft 2 story ranch

Elec. budget plan at 175-185/month
landline 50/month
cell 10/month
cable tv and internet 125/month
security system 36/month
insurance (home) 65/month (cars) 115/month
water 36/month
gas (dryer, range, space heaters, back up furnace, grill) 170/year

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Ontario Canada
1680 sq ft house. Natural gas heat. Central air used very sparingly, maybe a total of 3 weeks per year.

Gas- 130 budget billing
hydro/water/sewer- 100-190 (depending on season, more in summer)
phone/cable/internet(DSL)- 151
cell 12.50 (I buy a $25 card every 2 months)

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2000 heated; natural gas heat, all else is electric including central air; west TN. 2 adults
Gas & elec 200 mo avg (strange to see high gas bill in winter and high electric in summer to average to only 200 together per month!)
water 28 mo
telephone, incl LD 65 (includes 800 # for MIL and kids to call us)
DSL internet 35 mo
Garbage 17 mo
Cable 90 mo.

Interesting seeing various results of others.

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Let's see for utilities and such we pay;

Cell phone--.00 (through hubby's work, no charge)
Electric-- $70.46 (last month's bill)
Cable, TV, and land line phone-- $140.00 (all in one program)
Water District--$400.00 p/year (paid quarterly)
Sewer District--$400.00 p/year (paid quarterly)
Propane-- $33.00 (stove only)
Oil delivery--don't want to know, hubby takes care of that!

This is for a family of 4, dog, cat, and 2 gerbils daughter brought home from college. Large 12 room house in Maine. NancyLouise

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modern life interiors

NYC Condo........3 rooms 850sq. ft.

Property Tax for one year $7200
common charges per month 980 includes building wide assessment for
1 year only

Gas is paid for by building (Big Deal)

Basic cable and high speed internet $115
Landline per month 40
Voip telephone per month 15
Condo insurance per year 115
private health insurance per year 235

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We have a 3000sq ft house of 4, 2adults 2teenagers in Phoenix

Electric 309/month on the averaging plan
Internet,dig cable,phone 150/month
Water,trash,sewer,"other taxes" 85 to 95/month
Family cell phone plan for 3 w/ 700min,texting for the teens 125/month

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- Jan. - June 2008 AVERAGE
- 1372 sq. ft. (2 years old) Central Kansas
- Two adults

Notes: We had an extremely cold winter and we'll use air conditioning from May until October.

Averages don't reflect the highs for electricity for air conditioning - which will be around $150

Natural Gas: $77.93
Water heater/furnace
Feb. high - $147.25
June low - $37.18

Electric: $85.45
Between $75-$85 until June, June-$123 and will climb in July and August during the hot months to $150.

Water/Recycling Bin/Trash/Sewer: $54.22
Our water use averages $16 of the bill.

Cable TV: Expanded Basic $51.00/month

ISP: $30/month

Landline: $43/month
Cell: (One TracFone) $100/YEAR

Groceries: $50/Week
To date for the year:
Budget amount- $1350.00
Spent- $1302.02


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Central Fl, new 2000 sq ft home, on well and septic.

Electric $130 monthly in the summer and winter, lower in fall and spring

Phone/Cable/Internet $125 monthly after fees and taxes

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Coastal NC, new 2400 sq. ft. home

Cable, digital phone (incl. long distance) & internet (turbo speed cable modem) - $150/month

Electric - Averages around $150/month. During the fall, spring & much of winter it's around $100/month or a little lower, but goes up in summer because of our hot weather.

Water, sewer & garbage - $100/month (The water part is high for our development because of something the county district is doing. The developers are working to get us connected to the town water instead of county.)

Cell phone - $0. Both DH & I have cells through work.

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July 13 2008 Houston texas 1100 sq ft apt.350.00 electric,40.00 for water,50.00 celly,100.00 for cable tv and internet

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MA -- 2 adults, 1,100 sq. ft. house

Digital (Satellite) TV -- lots of channels though no premiums - $62.99
High-speed internet (Verizon) - $34.99
Cell phones (2 lines) - $88 (we have too many minutes)
No land line
Electric - Not too sure yet, but I'll estimate $90
Gas -- same as electric
Food (incl. alcohol) about $100 per week and we rarely eat out. I make my breakfast, lunch, and dinners. He may grab some fast food though during work hours.

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