recliners or ottomans??

luvizitMarch 19, 2010


I'm brand new here and to the world of online forums! I'm seeking advice on a furniture purchase for living room. My husband and I have been through so many different peices of hand-me-down, and used furniture sets that have left us desiring the "IT" furniture set that is comfortable, high quality and sticks around for a while. The closest we've come to having a nicer set of furniture was a set from Ashley's which we quickly discovered was not very comfortable or high quality :(. We aren't fancy and only wish to have something comfortable/functional but still "nice" looking. We're looking for something that fits our whole family (us and 2 young kids).

We're pretty certain that we want to go with leather, but my dilemma is that I cannot figure out whether to go with a sectional/modular and ottoman combo, or a set with a sofa, love seat, and rocking chair that all recline. I know I've always loved having rocker/recliners growing up, but I also am attracted to the cushy comfortable invitation of a nice sectional, plus we are working with a medium-sized room that probably won't fit too many peices to scale.

Would anyone be willing to offer opinions or experiences on reclining furniture versus ottomans?? I know this is lengthy, but thank you to those willing to read and offer advice!

Thank you so much!

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Welcome luvizit,

Here's a start. You really have to go sit in a lot of furniture and determine your budget and comfort level, and then come on back and ask questions about what you have found.

Comfort can only be judged on how "you" feel in it, and we might be able to offer what we know about the reputations and experiences of certain pieces that you are considering.

Yes, Ashley, isnÂt really that good.

You may add where abouts you live, and maybe someone close to you could offer some suggestions.

You might want to consider a finished leather with children, this gives the leather some protection against spills and food stuffs. There is a trade-off between fine leather (soft hand and that leatherery smell, and not much protection against spills) and protected leathers (may offer not much scent and a less soft hand/feel and good to very good protection).

Hardwood frames with good joinery (doweled and screwed) in the blocked corners is a good start.


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Thanks for your input. We live in northern California. I will definitely pay attention to the protection and type of leather, I wasn't aware of that. I'll post an update as we continue to shop :)

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Check out, and
Arizona Leather(?).com(these guys are also in California, despite the Arizona name I believe.

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