Tile Caulk for Fireplace (Picture Included)

jburr827August 22, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to help I have received here, I am close to finishing up the installation of my fireplace. One of the last issues I am facing is how to handle the gap where the tile meets the fireplace door frame.

In the picture below (which is an old one I posted here previously), you can see the protruding arched frame which encases the set of doors yet to be installed. When we tiled, we tiled over the flange to within 0.25 of this protruding "wall". I would like to fill in this quarter-inch gap between the tile and metal, but am unsure of my options for doing so. I am fairly sure I should be using a heat resistant caulk to fill in this area, but can only find 3 colors at my local store (red, grey, and yellow). Is it possible to get more colors and ones that more closely match the grout? Can I use the caulk that matches the grout color we selected (I don't think I can do that given the heat, but maybe someone knows something I don't). I haven't grouted yet because I thought I had better find the caulk first - maybe I will have to match the grout to it instead of the reverse.

As always, thanks for the help.


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