Barcalounger v Lane v Best or other recliner advice

sailormassMarch 11, 2012

Hi--I think I've done my homework,and I've read other posts on gardenweb about recliners. I know that the general consensus is that a Hancock Moore or Bradlington Young is the best, and I am sure that they are worth the money.

My problem is that I'm buying a new house and I simply have a very limited budget for the few new pieces of furniture I'm buying. I need to buy something in my price range now, and then I'm hoping when my business picks up again in a few years, I'll be able to buy something higher-quality that will last a long time.

I need to buy two leather recliners. I'm not even mentioning La z boy because, even though I got a pair in the early nineties that lasted forever, I gather their quality has plummeted.

The three recliners I'm now looking at are: Lane's Havana (carried by my local Macy's); Barcalounger's Regency (carried by a reputable local store) and Best's Brodie.

The Lane was very comfortable and offered very good lumbar support. The back cushion went all the way down the seat--no gaps by your tailbone when you recline. Leather quality seemed excellent. Downside: it was obvious that the fabric had been stapled rather carelessly on the bottom and the frame seemed fine, but not fantastic.

The Barcalounger appeared to have excellent padding, nice leather wrapped around the entire chair, great stitching, a down-blend seat. It's in their "vintage reserve" collection, which I think is their premium line. It had a Leggett and Platt mechanism and the back cushions unzipped (I guess so that you could put more stuffing in them if you wanted). The lower back cushion did not quite extend all the way down my back when I reclined (granted, I reclined almost to a sleeping position). The recliner took some force to close.

The Best also had a Leggett and Platt reclining mechanism and seemed to be very well constructed, in terms of stitching, quality of leather, very little plywood and more hard wood in the part of the frame I could see. My local store had it only in the electric motion model, which was great, but I am a bit leery of whether that will go kaput after the one-year warranty on it expires.

The most comfortable, hands-down, was the Best. It's the same price as the lane, but three hundred dollars less than the Barcalounger. I can spring for the extra money for the Barcalounger if you folks think it's worth it.

I did stop by the la z boy store and sat in some very comfortable chairs, but they were quite expensive and I'm leery of spending that money for them if their quality is now so poor.

I should add that Best, Barcalounger and Lane all claim that these recliners are assembled in the USA with some foreign-made parts.

To summarize:

Best--most comfortable and economical, but I know little about the brand and am unsure about the life-span of the electric reclining mechanism.

Lane--good price, comfortable, very stylish.

Barcalounger--excellent padding, all leather, unsure about lumbar support, more expensive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm not really interested at looking at other brands right now--these are my choices. Thanks!

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I worked at a furniture store a few years ago. I dont have any experience with the barcalounger. We did sell Best and Lane. In my opinion Best was a little overpriced for what it was. I priced out Best custom chairs and was flabbergasted at what the cost came out to be.
As I type this I am sitting in a Lane recliner. I chose the Lane recliner because the leather color choices fit my room.
It is used heavily daily. My 6'6" husband reclines in it comfortably, I sit in it daily. It is comfortable and has held up very well. My cats like to sit on the top of the back and have been doing so for a few years and you cant tell. It hasnt smushed at all. One thing I have noticed is that when I put the leg portion down from recline the mechanism has gotten louder, but still works just fine.

I know Lane isnt one of those names that screams great quality, but it does its job well and was affordable.

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I'd be interested to research more about Barcalounger. They went bankrupt a while ago, tried to reorganize, and eventually Ashley bought "assets only," to revive the name plate. I've not encountered any of the newly minted models yet. I don't know whether or not they have anything in common with the Barcalounger versions of years ago or not.

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Thank you, Petesmom! The Lane I've been eyeing is the most styish with excellent leather and is quite comfortable. It's a very good buy at the moment.

Bobsmyuncle--you can go to to read their current info about their manufacturing, quality, etc. I was unable to find out any more info (i.e. who owns them now, where they're made, etc.), but the furniture store might have been able to tell me.

Thanks to you both!

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I have to take manufacturer's claims with a grain of salt, because, after all, what would you expect them to say?

It appears as of late last year some of the custom lines are domestic, the rest are imported. The imported part is what I read when they first got acquired.

Here is a link that might be useful: US Made line

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Sailor Mass I think those are three good possibilites. At least Barcoulounger was always considered well made although I am not certain about their current situation. I will tell you during the recession I knew of many small retailers who said that without Best Chairs they wouldn't be in business. Among retailers it is considered a good value and a "hot" line from a selling perspective.

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Thanks, Freethinker! The Best was very comfortable. It's the same price as the Lane. I'm a bit uneasy about the electric reclining feature, just because I've heard that they can be problematic on even high end recliners. Again, thanks for your advice!

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Sailor Mass I have the same concerns about the electric reclining feature. Over time if there is a problem they can be diffciult to repair. Parts not available etc.

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I just realized that my husband's huge recliner is a Beast from Best. We've had it for five years, it's a microfiber material, and it has held up very well. The chair has been seriously abused by roughhousing teens, large H, a toddler's jumping, and a dog. The fabric cleans easily.
The manual recline mechanism works fine. Cushion on seat, back, and arms is still good. It is giant, marketed for big people. I am impressed by its durability, even though it's a huge eyesore in my living room, LOL.

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Lane = Garbage. Construction is OSB, Stapled and glued. No screws. Low quality Mechanism, Low density foam, collapses in about 4 months. I looked a La-Z-Boy just recently, and the same applies there. OSB, very thin gage mechanism. They give you a lifetime replacement warranty on the mechanism. That means that if you are registered, and if you have the serial and model number of the mechanism they will send you a new mechanism. You have to put it in. Not a problem for most people with a couple of basic tools, but is this what you had in mind when you bought their product?

My experience with furniture sales people and the crap they sell nowadays is slightly below used car salesman. Our acceptance of offshore made garbage has done this to us in this country.

Barcalounger is made in China. I do not know if they are any good any more but they do use a Legett and Platt (sp?)Mechanism, but of course there are several grades of LP mechanisms also.

I do not know about Best, but I will see what I can find.

Boy has this country gone to hell. Thanks Billy Boy for NAFTA

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I have had Lane for 5 years and just recently the springs are sagging (had 5 yrs warranty). Recliners work fine. Bought from NC.

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I have had a Lane reclining sofa, loveseat and chair for the last 25 years. They are still in good shape (fabric and upholstery) have held up nicely except the chair is slightly broken down...but after 25 years I can't complain. Two of the reclining mechanisms have broken so I am in the market to replace the furniture. My husband and I have been shopping for weeks now, looking at LayZboy, Lane, Best, Flexsteel and others too numerous to mention. Our most recent exposure has been to Best. We have never heard of them and went looking for reviews. I would buy another Lane in an instant, but have concerns that the company has undergone restructuring changes that have affected quality. Also heard that they no longer do custom orders - that what you see is what you get. We found a LayZboy we like, with customizations, but can't get a a wall-hugger. We found a Flexsteel, but can't get the fabric we want in that model. We found a Best that we like, wall-hugger and suitable fabric, but don't know the quality. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a Best recliner that I purchased in 2000 at America's Best Furniture (or something like that) in Fort Collins CO. It's been through three moves, and is now 14.5 years old. I have loved it. I am having a hard time finding a replacement, I've been shopping around, and I want another one. The cushioning has held up well, the mechanism works great, no squeaks. The fabric has held up well (mine wasn't leather) except on the footrest where people would sit with their shoes and grind at it - but I just sewed it up about 5 years ago on and it's looking good. At this point I am worried the cushion isn't good enough anymore but it is still comfy. It had these angled cushion armrests and I could sit cross-legged or other funky positions or sleep in it. Actually over the last three years I have been sleeping in it many nights - I have ear ringing which is not as bad when I am reclined vs. flat on the bed, and it has never made my back hurt or anything in the morning - until just recently it's a little thin on cushion around the lumbar.

I looked at FlexSteel Westport - I loved the feel. But they are getting a really bad rap on GardenWeb (particularly their poor leather) so I am going to keep shopping. I didn't like any of the La-z-boys I looked at, just weren't my style. Overall I loved the style and feel of my Best and am looking for something similar.

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I purchased a Lane accent recliner at Bozcov. One month later I returned it because the fabric was slipping. I proceeded to add more money and purchased a leather look recliner on sale for 599.00. This chair is not even a year old and it's ready for spring clean-up. I have three little kids and you would think it should last more than a year. Very disappointed in the quality of furniture being made. You can't even trust the brand names of past...


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