Rope seal on pellet stove door

sytamraAugust 7, 2005

I have a Quadra Fire Santa Fe pellet stove and the rope seal around the window in the door is badly frayed. I have a new rope seal, but don't know how to remove and replace it. Can anyone help?


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In preparation: Make sure you have the proper size and type rope for your stove. Most people buy the wrong type and length the first time. I used to sell gasket kits that came with a pre-cut length of rope and the gasket glue. They had instructions on them too. I am assuming this is the door gasket and not the glass gasket which is different.

#1 Take the door off the stove and place it on a non-scratching stable counter or bench. The door should lift straight up from the hinges. It may require some moving from side to side while pulling up, but it should come off with no major difficulty.

#2 Get a flat-head screwdriver and scrape the old door gasket out. Most of the time it comes out easily. Make sure you get out all of the old cement out of the groove.

#3 Use door gasket glue (not the gasket cement that is widely found-gasket GLUE!)and put a nice bead all around in the door gasket groove but not too much so that it will spill out when the new gasket material gets put in.

#4 Press the new gasket material firmly in the groove. Do not leave any gaps and cut to fit. Do not stretch the rope. Let it fall in place naturally. Wipe away any excess glue.

#5 Let it sit for a day or until dry.

#6 Put the door back on the stove and shut the door.


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OK. Now that I reread your post it says the glass gasket. I guess I wasn't reading things right.

#1 Remove the door.

#2 Use a phillips screwdriver or a nut driver (depending on your needs) and gently remove the glass by removing the retainers.

#3 Remove the old gasketing. It should just peel off. Many times they just fall off.

#4 Remove the paper backing and stick the gasketing around the edge of the glass.

#5 Replace all the screws and retainers.

#6 Replace the door and you are done.

If you don't have a sticky tape on the gasket material when you bought it, then you probably don't have the correct one. Glass gasketing materials are different that the door gasketing materials.

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I replaced my door gasket with 5/8 rope as directed and it still leaks,the door closes tight and smoke fills the room. Could the cast be warped? What could be the cause?

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