Enerzone anyone?

amyspaetzle262August 5, 2008

Any comments/experiences you have to share about the Enerzone 2.5 zero clearance fireplace would be appreciated. Appears to be closely related to the Constitution and Extraordinaire.

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I looked at one (non-operational). There are fewer dealers in the US and they just happen to be within an hour of me. The firebox uses regular firebrick which makes replacing them cheaper. Some ZC units use a special refactory which can be expensive to replace if they crack. I couldn't find much on the web as far as opinions go, but the folks at Hearth.com said that it is a good manufacturer. It looked to me a very well built unit. In the end, I went with a Lennox Brentwood (same as BIS Ultima) primarily on price and reputation. My builder has a good relationship with the local Lennox dealer and was able to offer me much better pricing than the Enerzone. The Enerzone was offered through a retail Hearth shop and would only give my builder retail pricing. The markup to me made it unattractive. Also, since there was no preferred relationship, if there were problems after the install, I was concerned about how much leverage I would have. I have looked at the Constitution and the Extraordinaire and they are also very nice, but had much bigger fireboxes than I needed. My house is only 1920 sq. ft and I'm only heating the great room. I beat my head against the wall looking at units and few of them are on display while operating which makes deciding all that much harder.

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