Anybody have experience with Patagonia Rosewood floors?

kelhuckFebruary 15, 2012

Hi all! I was visiting our local flooring store, and they have on clearance a 5in x 5/8in Patagonia Rosewood hardwood flooring. DH and I both loved it....even before we found out it was on clearance! :)

It is engineered and pre finished. I'm a little worried that it's so thin- 5/8in. However, that would actually probably be really helpful, because I plan to use radiant heat. And since it's so hard, the thin-ness shouldn't matter, right?

The clearance price is $5 per sq ft. Does that sound reasonable?

I'm looking for any positive or negative comments about this wood and it's price. Thank you!!

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Sorry- had a typo! Thickness is 3/8in, not 5/8 in.

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