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philmont_2006August 28, 2006

Everyone, I do appreciate all the commnents on my fireplace question both pro and con. I went to the fireplace store the other day and started looking into wood stoves for my cabin. I was shocked by the price but they do have a used Vermont Castings encore stove w/catalytic in Hunter Green in very good condition for $1,200. Is that price far? Now for the stove pipe and chimney. I will have a very simple installation, approx. 9' of stove pipe, then 4' of attic space and I'm outside. Do I have to buy the stove pipe and chimney from the V.Castings dealer?????

I appreicate any help...

Thanks Dave

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You dont have to buy the pipe from the dealer, but its pretty pricey stuff.
Bottem line, you need class A chimney reguardless of brand, that is rated for 2100*. Metal fab brand chimney is readily avalible, and is usually the least expensive brand. If you dont mind the outside of the double wall pipe being galvenized then you will save some money there.

People will debate the cat vs non cat to the death. Cats are fine, non cats typically require less maintence. That price seems good. If you want a non cat option thats affordable, you can look at the quadrafire 3100 Millenium. Its a steel stove, and should be about the same price new as the VC.

Im sorry your other thread got out of hand, this one should not be so hotly debated.

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Thanks mountainguy, can you give me a bit more info. on the maintenance of a Cat stove. Also, do you have any suggestions on where to go to buy the black pipe and then the chimney set up, I'm fine with gal. instead of S Steel....

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on the interior pipe, you need to make a choice of using single wall or double wall.
Single wall has a 18" clearance, double wall black has a 6 inch clearance. Double wall will draft better if you have a long interior run.
I would check local co op and what not for pipe first. Ask for class a chimney with a galvanized exterior. Some big box stores sell it as well, just dont expect to get any advice or help from HD. Check here or before you get into system design.
Minumum parts you will need for your class a chimney woud be:
Support box (for either a catherdral celing or flat celing)
Adapter for the support box to hook it to the connector pipe in the room
X amount of class a (dont forget the 10/2/3 rule)
Roof flashing, needs to be the same brand as the chimney.
Storm collar

Typical operation of a catalytic stove.
there is a bypass damper that you have to open during start up, you have to moniter the temperture of the stove before you close it. If you close it prematurly then you will plug the cat. If you never plug the cat, then once a year you need to remove the cover plate and vacume the cat out, and inspect it for damage. If he cat is damaged, then you need to replace it. When you feed the stove, you would usually open the cat damper again while loading, and close it once the door is shut.

If you want a serious expert on cat stoves and VC stoves, go talk to elk over at heartnet. I most familer with non cat stoves. He also has one for sale, if he is in your area, it might be worth looking at. I think he has it up for $750 in the for sale area .
Ahh here is a link

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We have a Woodstock Soapstone Stove with a catalytic combustor (Fireview). We've had it for nearly 16 years now, and we've changed the combustor 2-3 times (I honestly can't remember. EASY, takes under 10 minutes). Routine maintenance is key, and it's easy, too.

Truly, the operation of the stove is really simple. You start the fire and allow the stove to get to temperature (300 degrees on our stove top thermometer) and then you close the door, adjust the door damper, and engage the combustor. That's it.

It's important to remember that cat. combustors are easily destroyed by "dirty" wood. You can't use your stove as a disposal and expect the combustor to survive the abuse. No painted wood, be careful of certain combustibles (wierd "paper", plastics, etc.), DON'T burn them, ever. Obviously, you will get your best results burning seasoned hardwood (but you knew that!).

I have linked the Woodstock site below. There is much very useful information included in their site. Take some time to read through it, it's a good site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info. on cat. stoves

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We have the Quadrafire 3100 that mountainstoveguy speaks of. Great stove. I've used it as my primary source of heat for 4 years. Don't think I'll ever wear it out. Heats our 1800 sq. ft. house nicely. I would definitely recommend that you make sure the chimney pipe is up to snuff. How big is your cabin?

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Thanks Chel and 413, I really appreciate the advise, I'm new to this game. My cabin is about 1250 s.f. I would like to use this as my only heat but my wife is insisting on a furnace as well. I'll probably will put the furnace in also. One of the reasons we like this stove (the used VC) is because it's green... I know, I know but our roof is green so it will fit nicely in the cabin. I will be install thing whole thing.... what do you mean by up to snuff on the pipe. I plan on using double wall stove pipe (so I can get closer to the wall) and plan on going with class A galv. chimney pipe for the remainder. It looks like I will be able to run straight up through the roof. I don't plan on buying the stove pipe or chimney from the fireplace shop because they only sell S.S. chimney and I don't need that. I plan to get the model # of the unit soon so you guys can help me verify the year....
Thanks Dave

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