bank service charge - need suggestions

tcharles53April 6, 2006

It recently came to may attention when I was refinancing a loan that I had been charged a bank service fee for almost two years that should not have been. Here's the story: I was offered (in other words they solcited me) a "select service" account because of doing so much $$ business with this bank. This entitled me to no service charge for checks. Now I admit I do not balance my check book and rely on checking my checks on the phone to see what has cleared. I have however, kept all of my past bank statements. Recently when I went in to refinance, the banker offerred me the "select service" account again. I was a little confused because I thought I had it. When he cheked he stated that I did alreay have it, but the bank (person) had not linked all of my accounts so I was being charged an additional montly fee (because I needed a minimim amount of money to qualify). He refunded the current month's finance charge. I, needless to say am pretty upset. In toto there is over $500 in accrued service charges that should never have been. I have been fighting this - now up to the regional manager. Am being told that it was my responsibility to balance my check book and "catch" THEIR error. They are offerring me 6 months in back fees when I want the total 20 months worth. I am going to battle this out - however, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

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learn to balance you checkbook. this is not just to catch "their" errors, but ANY unauthorized transactions. with e commerce so widespread now, all anyone needs is the routiing and account number of your account to purchase goods online. i buy stuff all the time using our corporate accounts, even though i am not an authorized signator on those accounts. in my case, i am buying things for the company, but someone could just as easily be raiding your account and you would never know it.

look how many times you overlooked the bank charges!

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I hate balancing my checkbook too, but I've gotten into the habit of looking at the transactions hitting my account on the banks website a couple of times a week. Since I don't generally have a lot of uncleared checks, it's easy to see if the bank balance agrees with what I have in Quicken. It's also a good way to spot unauthorized transactions right away.

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Yes - I will certainly do so in the future, however I don't think that absolves them of the right to return my money - it is not a big deal to refund money that should have never been there's in the first place.

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i agree that they should refund the money, but they are also correct in that the fault is yours that it was not caught sooner. IMHO them offering 6 months worth of refund is more than generous.

but hey, if you can talk them into the whole amount go for it!

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I talked them into it! It helps to take appropriate responsibility, to be calm, rational, and PERSISTENT.

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Well - you did it!

As I've said several times around here, "Ya don't ask - ya don't get!".

Also, the watchwords are, as you say, take responsibility, be calm, rational and persistent.

And know what you want.

Try to keep the ball in the other guy's court - the guy who's on the defensive has either got to get on the offensive ... or, almost certainly - lose.

Now, to celebrate ...

... you can take us all out to dinner.

Have a great week.

ole joyful

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