Longwood Whole House HELP !!!!

jsd51August 15, 2006

Hello all. I've got a Longwood brand whole house,indoor wood burning furnace that I'd like to hook up but have no knowledge of how to go about it. The unit was in the house when I purchased it but was unhooked and replaced with a gas furnace for selling purposes. I understand that Longwood has since gone out of business and therefore I'm finding it impossible to acquire information on this unit. Would anyone out there have knowledge of how to install this or perhaps have a manual for a Longwood brand furnace that I could get a copy of? The unit has a throat of about 52 inches, two blowers ( a small one and a large one) and also a gas igniter on the side. Not sure if the gas is for use as a backup furnace or merely for lighting the wood. Should any HVAC person be able to hook this up or only someone with wood burning stove experience? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to get it hooked up before winter (in Missouri) to avoid the propane bill :(

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Longwood Parts and service
201 Slack Street
Chillicothe,Mo. 64601
Ph. 660-646-0488
Also, the company itself is located:
Longwood of Ohio Inc.
33429 State Route 26
Rinard Mills,Oh. 45774
might be 45734
Ph. 740-934-2622

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Thanks for the reply but the first ph# is no longer in service and the second ph# is now a personal residence. Do you have a Longwood manual of some sort that you got these #'s from. If so could I get a copy of it? I'd be happy to pay whatever it costs to ship or fax it. Thanks,Jeff

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small world, i know the people that owned the place in chillicothe mo. the father passed away and the daughter doesn't really run it anymore, she still has a lot of parts etc. in the back. her name is lisa albin, try doing a 411 for that name in chilli, mo. you may have some luck, i don't know her current number or i would give it to you.

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Where To Find Longwood Parts Now?
It's 19 years later, and as of 2005, Longwood has gone out of business. When the company grew and divested the furnace operation, their star salesman, Joe Dennis, carried on the parts business for many years. Following his death in 2000, his wife and daughter offered parts through their website, LongwoodFurnaceParts.com, which is now discontinued.

The family has sold off the raw materials and is looking for a buyer for the tooling. If someone restarts the business, we will post that link here.

An unrelated parts supplier, Longwood Of Ohio, is also no longer listed.

The GOOD news is that the original supplier of the MOTORIZED DAMPER DOOR can still supply you with that part. Call Norman at (718) 589-6365 or email him at equinoxmfg@aol.com.

These were all nice people and they had a great product. If you hear of renewed parts availability, please contact us so we can share that with other people who want to know. Thanks!

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I can supply copies of the Longwood manual- jpatalon@ verizon.net

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