Fireplace tube heaters.

officer_robAugust 7, 2008


While looking for alternative heat sources this winter, I came upon several websites advertising these heaters. Here is a URL that will give you a description of the heater (I am not advertising this website; merely used for the purpose of description!):

I was really impressed by the claim they deliver up to 60K BTUs. Does anyone on the web use such an item? I would be interested in your comments.

The house contains four fireplaces and since the design of the house is an antique saltbox, I am concerned of the depth of the fireplaces vs. the size of the heater tubes -- the fireplaces, especially on the bottom floor may be too deep; while the ones upstairs may be too shallow! The deep ones may not be a problem but it may affect the draft.

Thanking you in advance for your time.


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I have one. Looks exactly like that. And it does put out a lot of BTUs. And almost all of them go up the chimney! No way they will reduce the temp in my 1000 sq ft ranch by more than 1 degrees. It warms up my living room 10x15' more than just the fireplace but but not toasty. Truth is, unless you have an airtight insert or stove, you will just heat up the outdoors. When oil was cheaper I was happy with the effect on a nice evening fire but now I am opting for something more "kick a**" Save your money and buy a potbelly and heat reclaimer. /Abi

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