Firewood storage question

bri0822August 22, 2012

Does anyone know if it is ok to store stacked firewood on a concrete patio? Will leaving the wood on concrete cause moisture problems? Must the would be kept on a rack? There's plenty of room on my back patio for stacking wood so I'd like to skip the racks unless it causes a problem.

If racks are a must, any ideas of good brands? (The ones I had previously rusted fast.)

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You do want to have either a vapor barrier such as plastic sheeting beneath the wood or an airspace. Expensive racks usually do not hold very much wood, so look for inexpensive used pallets to raise the firewood above the concrete. Also, try to avoid direct contact between the firewood and the house siding, whatever it is. Moisture and insects can be a real problem.

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Besides people spamming the boards to sell you something you can get locally, here's what I consider to be a cheap and efficient solution.

Go to the lumber store and get some 2x4s. Lay them on edge in two rows and stack the wood on the boards. This way you get air flowing beneath. Your wood should already be seasoned so that should eliminate creosote to a major degree. I put about a half cord at a time on my covered front porch and I use the 2x4s. Those of us in Vermont who use our woodstove for primary heat do this all the time.

If your patio isn't covered, get a sheet of luaun and cut it to the size of the stack. This keeps the rain off it while still letting it breathe.

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Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback. Christopherh- I like that idea of just stacking on 2x4s. I plan to get a small rack for my porch for the wood I'll be burning immediately, but the 2x4s sound good for long term storage of the big wood supply.

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I have one of these adjustable log racks. I use 8' 2x4s, but you could use shorter lengths for the wood you keep near your house for your ready supply.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adjustable log racks

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Thanks for posting the HD link. I'm a novice at this and it's my first fireplace. I had never thought about these issues before.


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