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clive1August 24, 2007

I put a post in the renovations area which is likely more appropriate here. Have a look and see what you guys think.


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Both are nice, and which is preferrable depends on the overall aesthetic of the room and house. The left is more stately, but may not be appropriate for a more transitional look of the right. There is a little jog on the marble tile on the right that bothers me -- it's maybe 1/16-1/8 in., or could just be the photo. I do like the more open feel of the right hearth.

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I scoped 'em out. I have to tell you the one on the left makes NO sense at all.

It's too close to the door for openers. And any surround like that would occupy a place of importance in a room... certainly NOT next to a door. And not a door with that configuration.

MY opinion, nothing more.

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