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sipsyFebruary 24, 2006

I did a search here a few weeks back & it was loaded with terrible reviews of Rowe sofas saying that they didn't hold up well, that there were exposed staples in the back and other bad quality issues. Before reading all of this, I had about decided to go look at a Rowe sofa, chair & ottoman at a local furniture store after visiting their site on the internet. I was looking at the Carmel style-- it is a Pottery Barn knock-off slipcovered set. Just for the heck of it since I have found nothing else that I like I decided today to go by the store and get a price for the set and ask the salesperson about complaints. I asked also about a second set of slipcovers to change it out. The quotes he gave me seemed outrageous for furniture that the reviews say are is so low in quality and inferior on here. As a matter of fact, he said he had just bought one of their sectionals a few months ago (who knows?). The biggest problem I have is it is special order, so if I do go through with it and it gets here and I don't like it I'm stuck with it. Does anyone have any suggestions for another company that offers Pottery Barn slipcovered knock offs? When I searched at Google Rowe was all that showed up. I just hate the thought of putting that much $ into something that I have already been warned will not be satisfactory. Thx Sipsy

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I am assuming a Rowe sofa is in the $1,500 - $2,000 range? If so, you may want to consider Jetton, Massoud and Vanguard. I don't know about slipcover availability; just ask the dealer. Jetton makes a great sofa for the money. Their sofas utilize coil springs as base cushion support as well as back cushion support and within the cushions. These are construction features typically found only on more expensive sofas.

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Hi sipsy,
I responded to this post in the home decorating forum! Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I'm happy with my Rowe sofa and loveseat. I haven't had any quality issues with them at all and we've had the set probably 6 years. I opted for the slipcovers too - I chose washable cotton ones and toss them in the washing machine a couple times a year. We were thinking of buying a new set of slipcovers but they are almost as much as buying an entire new sofa - so we plan on finding a local upholsterer and see if slipcovers couldn't be made less expensively that way.

We plan on keeping this set for many, many years! I'm not disappointed!

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I have been searching for months for a slipcovered sectional. Today I'm heading to Calico Corners to check theirs. I was set to order a Rowe but wanted a rounded corner wedge. Now that you mention it, without coming out and saying it, salespeople were always trying to steer me to other lines (without slipcovers). I have been trying to find a brand called Four Seasons, but haven't been able to see them.

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CC's sofas (at least some of them) are made by Michael Thomas which makes excellent sofas.

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I can't vouch for them personally, just because I've not bought from them, but you might want to check out club furniture. It's PBesque but likely better quality and a lot less money. There are slipcover versions. It's all online, but there's a 20 in-home trial period and they'll pay for return shipping. P.S. Let me know if you do try it, lol! I'm not ready yet to buy, but I would try them.

Here is a link that might be useful: club furniture

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Club furniture's springs are the sinuous type which are inferior to the coil springs found in well-made sofas. While they do incorporate double dowelling construction in some sofas, they do not in others. Club furniture is not a company committed to high standards of quality.

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That's good to know, John WC. I searched club furniture here and there wasn't any experience, so I'm glad to read some now. Thank you.

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My Rowe sofa and chairs are only 2 years old, but we haven't had any problems with them. They are very comfortable and I love the fact that the slipcovers can be removed for cleaning or to change colors. Because our style is 'country casual' they do get a bit rumpled when the grandgirls are over, but a fluff and a smooth put them right back into shape. The back cushions are soft (not down, though) and I just reverse them every few weeks, and they've held their shape beautifully.

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I'm fairly new to these forums so I'm surprised to read that Rowe has received negative reviews here. We have had a Rowe slipcovered sofa (down cushions), "chair and a half" and ottoman in our family room for 10 years and have no complaints at all regarding the quality or constuction. Now I will say that the fabric (100% cotton and very soft) is pretty worn in a few places, but the covers have been washed several times a year and we (2 adults, 2 kids and now on the second dog) really "live" on that sofa (it is sooooo comfortable). We are having a new home built now and when we move I plan to patch those worn spots and put the Rowe furniture in the basement gameroom for my teenagers to use until they go off to college. :)

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Better be careful...I just read that Rowe Furniture has filed for bankrupcy. That said however, I have purchased 7 pieces of Rowe (sofa, 4 chairs, 2 ottomans) since 2000. It has held up quite well during past 6 years, even with kids who are now 16 yrs. and 14 yrs. old.

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Better be careful...I just read that Rowe Furniture has filed for bankrupcy. That said however, I have purchased 7 pieces of Rowe (sofa, 4 chairs, 2 ottomans) since 2000. It has held up quite well during past 6 years, even with kids who are now 16 yrs. and 14 yrs. old.

That is misinformation now.

Rowe is out of bankruptcy. They were bought by a company that owns a major retail chain (Wickes) and major importer (Powell).

They now have money and things are back to normal.

However, Rowe may be a very different company in 2 or 3 years, reflecting the new ownership and siblings.

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I've had the Rowe Carmel sofa and love seat with the down blend for 3 years now and still love them. I considered Pottery Barn also, but couldn't justify all over their added surcharges for delivery on top of their delivery fees. You could purchase a whole other piece of furniture for what they charge. I've washed the slip covers several times and everything turns out great.

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From the retailer I've spoken with Rowe's downfall was their foray into the direct consumer business. They sold that off and are concentrating as a manufacturer that sells their product through retailers. That being their core business I was reassured that it remains a strong brand and is will be around for some time.

This article suggests the Rowe was bought out by an investment company that also happens to own Wickes and other company.

I happen to be interested in the Rowe Sullivan sectional. From the posts on this board and the retailers I've spoken with this sounds like a popular model that people like.

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I too have nothing but good to say about Rowe. I have a sectional and a settee and my son and daughter-in-law have a sofa and all have been very comfortable and have held up well despite small children and bulldogs. I'm planning to buy another Rowe sofa soon for our new greatroom.

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I know Rowe isn't a high-end brand, but I purchased a sofa from them last fall. It was special order & at the time all the fabrics were one price (I just heard they are running that again now). I paid $1,050 (plus tax) for my sofa, choosing my fabric (gold chennile) & waiting about 6 weeks for it to arrive. I'm very happy with it for the price. The only problem I had was the fabric on the seat cushions were loose & the inner cushion was not thick or firm enough to smooth out the cushion fabric. I went by the store & told them of my complaint & they told me there were new cushions available from the company & immediately ordered another set of 3 cushions for me (no charge). I got the cushions in a few weeks ago & they are much thicker & firmer, so now I'm completely happy with my sofa. I love the style and it's very comfortable. I feel for the $$, it was a good deal.

I also owned another Rowe sofa more than 20 years ago. It held up so well (although the off-white fabric was getting worn), that I passed it on to my niece for her college apartment. She still has it!

Here's a pic of my Rowe Hanover sofa:

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I ordered a Rowe sofa in the Dalton style. It was delivered last March. I'm not very happy with it. I needed a short sofa to fit my space, this one fit the bill and I had read positive reviews here. My throw pillows look like they are ten years old. They are lumpy and mis-shapen. The back cushions are detached. When you sit on the sofa they bend forward becoming mis shapen. I am constantly taking the cushions out of the cover to reshape them. It never lasts long. Because it is still under warranty, I have contacted the company. Maybe they will give me new cushions. I wish I had gotten a style similar to georgiagal, but I didn't want to buy something that I couldn't try first. Any advice is welcome.

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Beware if you are thinking of buying a Rowe piece of furniture. I bought a sectional from Rowe back in 1999.I loved it so much that I searched to find a store to purchase another. I have had the "new" piece a little over a yr. What a disappointment. The seat in chaise sets lower in the seat part than the rest and I have a cushion that totally does not match. It went back to the factory for them to repair "all" the problems. I recieved it back and the only thing they did is put more fill in the pillow backs. The pillow backs weren't the issue. Rowe might have been a great co. years ago but, the times have changed. They make an inferior product and don't stand behind it."So much for their Rowe warranty" It's no more than a tag they put on your furniture when it's delivered for a "warm fuzzy" feeling.

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I'm having a hard time deciding about rowes sofas,I just found two of their sofas the hermitage and the knotting hill on in their top five sofas, I'm not sure how they get their rating though. Any new info. would be appreciated

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had a basic rowe sofa (3 cushion) and loveseat and i have to say they were fantastic. they held up so well in our family room for 8 years. they didn't fade or tear and the construction was very solid. i would easily purchase another rowe sofa. i should note that the only reason we no longer have them is due to cats. no sofa is safe around kitty claws. =( very sad.

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I have a Rowe Nantucket slipcovered sofa. Love it. Ordered it circa 2003 - still looks great. I got a microsuede and wash it at least 4 times a year. I do flip the cushions periodically, but I do that with all of my furniture. I looked at several slipcovered brands and decided on this one because it is the Pottery Barn look. I was told when I purchased it (by several different furniture retailers) that Rowe makes the Pottery Barn slipcovered items. It was about $900 back then and I'm happy with the purchase. Just looked on their website to browse for another slipcovered style. Unless things have greatly changed I plan on getting another Rowe.

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I purchased a Rowe sofa (Townsend) in October 2011. It arrived in December 2011 with fabric bunching on the sides of the track arms and the seat cushions as well. I fortunately purchased from a small "mom and pop" retailer, so customer service on their end has been exceptional. I wish I could say the same of Rowe. Because of the extent of the poor craftsmanship, the retailer decided that a new sofa should be ordered for me...with instructions that a senior upholsterer must oversee the work. The second sofa arrived in July 2012, along with 2 seat cushions that looked like a dog had pawed the fabric. New seat casings were ordered, but did not arrive until November 2012. Sad to say, the stitching on these was just as bad as the original sofa. The fabric bunches. Townsend is simple construction because of it's linear lines. If they can't get something like this right, what will they do with something a bit more complex?!? As for me, I'm cuurently stuck with a sofa that looks lousy. However, the retailer has been wornderful and is helping me to get something from another manufacturer. Steer clear of Rowe. Their quality control is obviously poor.

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