Help me identify this couch and chair I inherited

ArrowVeraLeeFebruary 5, 2013

I have this couch and chair. I know nothing about them. Any information would be helpful so I can further search on the net.
I have several more photos of both.

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It looks like a 1930s deco-moderne sofa in a Renaissance-Revival or a Romantic-Revival style.

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I have a lot of these wood framed couches come into our door. I would have to agree with Palimpsest this coach is from either 1930's or 1920's I would say somewhere in between the two. This type of style was very popular in both of those decades. I would suggest doing a Google image search with a well lit face on picture of the couch and add in "1920's renaissance couch" also. I just did a similar search but the picture isn't the best. You may yield better results that way. Also try a combo, which 20's to 30's and renaissance with romantic and so on.

Hope this helped!

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Here is another view.
(Uploading photos to this site is no easy task)

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The chair.

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Your set was certainly from the 20's and is very reflective of this time period. If your willing to spend some money on it by reupholstery and refinshing it could be a beautiful set. I sure it would please whoever the person was that left it to you since they had it all those years. It must have had meaning to them.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I wish that was mine!!

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Due to the ornate nature of the hand carvings and the upholstering it would be a job left up to an experienced upholsterer in as much as they will have to refinish the wood as well as upholster the frame. Then again it will probably need some spring work once the set is taken apart. In the end it will be worth it.

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