Sheet vinyl over ceramic

weed30February 18, 2012

I need to install sheet vinyl over a ceramic tile floor in a bathroom. This is for a house I'm leasing for my dad, and I want to protect the grout. (he spills a lot and ruined the grout in his current home.)

My plan is to remove the baseboards and float a piece of vinyl, then caulk the heck out of the edges to keep out the spills. What is the best way to attach the vinyl to the edges to hold it in place without damage to the tile? I want to be able to remove it when the lease is up, so maybe some glue that I can use remover on later?

I know the tile pattern will telegraph through the vinyl, which is fine. Looking good is not the goal...just protection of the existing tile/grout.

My other idea is "bathroom carpet". Years ago some people had a thin rug/carpet cut to fit the bathroom, and when it got dirty it was easy enough to throw it in the washer. This doesn't address the spill issue fully, since spills would soak through. So maybe I could tape some thick plastic to the floor first??


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Just after I posted I realized there is a safety issue with a loose piece of rug/carpet - he could trip if it bunches up. Any ideas about that are welcome too.

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It's simple...really...pattern scribe sheet flooring that is designed for looselay installation (fit net or a hair's breath loose), caulk all edges and cover the edge by the door with a tap down metal edging. Fit and attached properly, tap down metal edging lays flat and should not be a tripping hazard.

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Thank you! Loose lay installation is the perfect solution!

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