Firerock/Isokern firebox opinions

gapeach01August 26, 2006

I mentioned these in a reply a few minutes ago and thought I would put a post out there to see if I can get some opinions.

Anybody care to weigh in on the Firerock/Isokern units?

Keep in mind that I am sold on the traditional fireplace and look and am not interested in the clearly more efficient avenues available. Call me old fashioned... we just love it and have an unlimited supply of firewood.

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I saw these in salt lake last year (isokern) and they looked like fantastic quality units. Far superior then any metal fireplace i have seen. The cast brick work was very detailed and they offered expansive sizes. Im guessing your in GA, that might be a incorrect assumption, but these types of units are ideal for that area. The webmaster of was intrested in these last year, you might post over at and get more feedback. Be shure that you mention your location, and your intent. Then it wont get out of hand like the other thread in here. FWIW, the only reason i mentioned EPA in the other thread was because of location. Hope this helped.

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Thanks mountainstove guy and your right... GA it is (what gave me away???)

I heard about and saw the Isokern first but then saw the Fire Rock and liked it even better. There is a pretty good comparison on Fire Rock's web site and they are made right here in GA not to mention that the compressive strength of the masonry materials is more than double that of the Isokern. I know that makes them heavier but that is not an issue for me.

Thanks much for the input, it did indeed help to get your take!

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Fire Rock has a website with many pictures and examples....both indoor and outdoor fireplaces

Here is a link that might be useful: Fire Rock Website and Fireplace Photos

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