do you get charged tax on custom built ins?

srg215February 5, 2010

does it depend on your state?

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Highly dependent upon the state. In my state the laws are so complex even the state can't give good, simple guidelines.

I work on furniture. Labor and materials are taxable, based on the place where the work is done. However, if it is a built-in (cabinet, vanity, stair rail, it is considered real property and not taxable.)

Getting a haircut is not taxable; getting a manicure is taxable. Buying spaghetti and noodles at the grocery store is not taxable; buying a bowl of take-out spaghetti is not taxable if consumed off-site; is taxable if you consume on-site. Fruit juice is not taxable; soft drinks are. On and on.

Getting your driveway plowed is taxable; if your neighborhood teenager shovels it, it is not taxable as long as they don't do more than $500 business a year.

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