lump line at seam in carpet due to pile??

lisadluFebruary 8, 2014

We had carpet installed last August that is a low pile loop style. After installation there was a slight lump along where they seamed it (couldn't really see seam, just the lump). They said it would lay flat after we lived on it for a while. It never did and they came out a month ago to re-stretch the lump line but that made it worse (they used low tape and worked on it for 3 hours but it didn't help and actually made the lump more pronounced). They ordered new carpet but when the crew came to install yesterday he said I would have the same lump problem because of the low pile and loop of carpet. Is this correct? It's hard to imagine you can't seam this type of carpet without a lump. I can understand seeing a slight seam line but why the lump? I do not want a higher pile or cut pile carpet. My room is 15 x 21 and this carpet only comes in 12' roles.

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I've had the same low pile and loop put in twice due to flood. First time carpet was installed all the seams were invisible. After flood the exact same type of carpet was installed by different installers and you could see every seem and tape line underneath. They went away a bit within the year after install, but you could still plainly see them.

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