Website/software to preview furniture changes??

beesageFebruary 2, 2013

Does anyone know of any websites or software our there which allow you to play around with and preview changes or updates to furniture? I am thinking of something like the Sherwin-Williams color previewer. But instead of downloading pictures of rooms and playing around with paint colors, you could select or download pictures of furniture and play around with different colors, hardware styles or upholstery fabrics and patterns.

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Beesage, I wish their was, this would be great for the individual furniture designer in all of this.

As you know their are several manufacturers website that let you choose styles, options, fabrics, legs etc on individual sofas and chairs.

Bassett, Maitland Smith, Icustomsofa websites just to name a few that offers the ability to play around with colors and styles. But this takes highly specialized software and website coding to accomplish this.

These software company; specializes for interior designers and the software specializes for furniture manufacturers for what your thinking of.

If your really good a Photoshop and have a scanner or a way of getting images into Photoshop, then you can just about accomplish what your looking for. And their are several Photoshop plugins that help with the process.

Im afraid what many people would think seems quite simple is actually quite complicated.

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Thanks for the suggestions-- I'll try them out. Nice to know everything hasn't already been invented yet...I guess! :-)

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Massoud's website lets you select fabric and exposed wood finish. They make upholstery only so no case goods.

Here is a link that might be useful: Massoud

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Rowe used to have a system in the store where you could look at a picture of a sofa on a computer screen and then cover that sofa in any one of their fabrics. It was software system that was pitched to many upholstery manufacturers.

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Ther are many, mentioning a few here:
AutoFurniture - Furniture designing software
Sweet Home 3D
for more you can google it,,

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I think the OP by beesage got lost in translation here, I suggest anyone to try Sherwin-Williams color previewer first before thinking that its that simple.
Actually it is quite simple for anyone who understands image editing, which requires a steep learning curve= much more time than most want to try and learn.

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