Old gas fireplace Update?

mccallAugust 3, 2008

I am renting an apartment that has Two gas fireplaces. The building is 18 years old and these I believe are original. The fire in the fireplaces is one line of flames between two logs and most of the flames are blue. Now blue flames are just what you want in a gas range, but not in a fireplace, and the single line between logs looks very fake.

As I say this is an apartment so I am not sure how much the owner would allow for changing things in the fireplace, but what are the options? are there any without replacing the entire fireplace unit? also any way to address the too clean blue flames? Gas company was just out to turn on all the gas appliances and check them so they are all safe anyway. I was not there when they came so I could not ask them these questions, I doubt the tech would have had anything to say on it anyway.

Thanks for any help

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In principle, it is possible to replace the gas log unit with a new one of which there are many on the market. But you would need to figure out if it will work properly, and that depends on the specs of the fireplace and the specs of the new gas logs you want to install. That may not be easy to determine, and it could be dangerous to install a gas log unit that is not compatible with the fireplace.

You mentioned that the blue color of the gas flame looks fake. There is probably a way to fix that, by adjusting the pressure on the gas jet. Maybe it just needs a service call to clean it out.

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Actually it just had a service call, Blue flame means a really clean flame so I doubt it's dirty. I did find a site that sells additional small log pieces you can put in and such and I think that might help. But thanks for the reply.

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