Creosote on brick fireplaces

spiritual_gardnerAugust 2, 2007

I just had a sweep come to do my brick fireplace. He informed me of the creosote that accumulated on the upper area of the chimney, which could cause a fire.

He also said that cleaning it would do no good and that it needs to be coated on the inside with something (sorry, can't remember what) that will prevent the creosote from building up, and, doing this will cost $800.00. When he said that, I said I would think about it.

I always thought that there was nothing but brick for the chimney, although, I could be wrong. Has anyone experienced this???



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Your chimney should have a clay liner inside the brick chimney. The clay liner is installed in sections with mortar in between the sections. If it doesn't have a clay liner, it is ancient. How old is the chimney?

"...that will prevent the creosote from building up.."
- Burning seasoned hardwood, burning hot fires, using a hi-efficiency insert. These are the things that minimize creosote.

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Thanks Garyg for your response!

I have put my hands on the inspection (forgot that it was available, sorry).

Anyway, it states: "Chimney smoke chamber has large build up of creosote. Recommend ROE cleaning and smoke tite application in smoke chamber".

The house was built in the 50's. I have had a different sweep 4 years ago tell me that the thing does not need to be swept every year for how much I use it (I think I use it a lot, at least 4-5 nights a week). I have had the house 5 years.

Last year I did make the HUGE mistake of burning some cedar that was left next to the road. I USUALLY only burn well seasoned wood (maple, oak, or hickory).



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