Tile experts?

footwedgeFebruary 26, 2011

What's your opinion on removing linoleum prior to laying tile? Erred and posted this on the remodeling forum before I saw this one.


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What is your installation method?

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My plan was to have the tile laid directly atop the linoleum removing any loose edges. The linoleum came in a roll like carpet and was placed in 1988.

Since my initial post, I checked a few areas were the cabinets have been removed and discovered that its not bonded as good as I thought. The edges aren't curling but it's easy to separate from the floor. I think it will need to come up.

If I do remove it, do I need to remove all the glue too? It appears the glue was applied with a notched trowel.

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Usually lino releases because the glue used is water soluble. You do not want that glue under your tile. If you soak it with water it should release easily. But sometimes a longer soak is required. Wet towels or sheets help there.

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One should remove existing vinyl and/or linoleum if you're planning to install a standard tile floor. Use caution and identify that the existing floor covering does not contain asbestos.

There is a floating tile floor available called Avaire that can be installed over top vinyl/linoleum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avaire

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I've started the removal process and it's a chore. I would say 1/2 came to the glue and only the very top layer on the other half which is not bad. Once the top layer is removed the paper? backing is somewhat easily removed with a 4" razor scraper.

What about the remaining glue. Is it better to soak and scrape or maybe use a orbital sander with coarse grit paper. The glue when scraped turns to a dry powder which is why I think sanding may be easier.

I welcome any suggestions. The house was built in 1988 so I'm not concerned with asbestos.


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follow up. I saturated 2 towels and covered with plastic overnight. The remaining under layers removed very easily. Hardly used the scraper but the glue remained. Additional hand scraping resulted in partial glue removal in short string like pieces or ribbons..

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You can rent a "stripper" to remove sheet vinyl and other types of flooring.

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