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mel_njFebruary 28, 2006

As I wrote in a previous post I have been looking for bedroom furniture for a very long time. The subject of that post was to ask about the quality of Hickory White. Well today I made the purchase. And tomorrow they have a price increase going into effect. I got quotes from a local retailer in NJ, Boyles, Rose and Lex Furniture from Kentucky. Boyles and Rose both sent an e-mail. Lex would only give info over the phone. Lex Furniture could not be beat. Unlike Boyles and Rose, Lex is not charging sales tax. Item for item Rose and Lex were very close in price. The only thing that separated them was the tax. Boyles was just over $6000 while Lex came it at $5072.

I was nervous placing the order. First I have never made such a large purpose over the phone. Second I have never seen the full set in person. Saw the finish but no one had any of the bedroom pieces on their selling floor. This is a giant leap of faith for me I sure hope I don't live to regret it.

I will keep anyone interested posted - especially for the novices who ever never ordered long distance.

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I would definitely like to know if you are satisfied once you receive it. It is a big leap for people, especially if you can't see it in person and THEN look for deals out of state.

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I have hickory white dining room furniture ( table, sideboard and china cabinet). The wood is beautiful. I don't think you will be disappointed. good luck!

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Hi mel_nj,

What pieces did you get for $5,072? And are they from the American Home collection?


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john wc - yes the pieces are from the American Home collection. I purchased the armoire, bachelor chest, bedside table - both without the granite top, and the tall chest.

I did e-mail Boyles the quote I got from Rose which was around $5300 to see if they could match it. I was willing to pay the extra $300 to Boyles because of the situation regarding the shipping - the fact that they have their own trucks versus Lex Furniture which contracts the shipping out. But the best Boyles could do was $5900. The woman from Lex was very nice and when I did a search here on the furniture forum there was good things written about both the salesperson that I was using, Angela, and Lex furniture in general. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I would be writing later about my horror story.

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You may very well end up having to pay sales tax--if your home state would have charged it on any in-state store purchases. Because many states are going after mail-order and online sales from other states. (They have ways of figuring out what's being trucked in, I guess.) A few years ago, I ordered chairs from North Carolina. About a year later, the state of Virginia came a-knockin' (well, not literally!) to get their "lost" tax revenue. I guess you're supposed to be declaring this on your state income-tax forms and paying voluntarily.

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Well my Hickory White bedroom set from Lexington was delivered on Thursday 5/11. It is beautiful. It is bigger than I expected but I did order it sight unseen. Couldn't find a dealer in NJ that had any of the pieces on the floor. But I do have a problem. Although the armoire is in 2 pieces it will not get up my stairs into our bedroom. It does have crown moulding on the top. I have a craftsperson coming this week to take a look at it. He is the brother of a friend of mine. Although I originally didn't want to use anyone I know this person owns his own business and makes high end built in libraries. If anyone has any other suggestions or knows of anyone they could recommend in the northern NJ area please let me know.



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Mel_nj, I'm sure you'd be happy with your new bedroom set. We bought the Genesis series last year and just love it more each day. We got the headboard/footboard and 2 nightstands. I had Lexington price it out and 2 local furniture stores in the Bay Area. Lexington came out the cheapest and asked the cheaper local store to match it. They didn't want to match since it is through the Internet. It wasn't a big difference though, maybe $200 for everything. But as the salesperson pointed out, I'd probably pay the same or more for the shipping. We decided to get it from the local store just in case there's problem with the furniture, it'll be easier to dispute or what not. Our big mistake was not purchasing the dresser. I went back to the local furniture store to order it and we were told that Hickory White has discontinued the Genesis line. The only brand that they can recommend that may match Genesis is JD Young & Sons furniture. This one is new in the furniture market. Has anyone heard anything about this or has one of this?

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