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JamieApril 10, 2006

I am considering changing auto insurance companies but am not committed to doing so. The new company gives a 6 month policy only, but the quote they provided was $300/year less than my current insurer. There is one difference in the quotes. My current insurer recently reduced my deductible to $400 from $500. The new insurer is still doing the $500 deductible. To me, this is not meaningful. I'd rather assume risk than pay the insurance company $300 per year to assume it for me. I don't claim parking lot dings and other damage. The current insures my house, too. The new quote was for just auto.

I haven't had a moving violation in 7 years.

I did total a car in 2004 with my current compay, but the other party was at fault.

In this situation, should I call my insurer and ask for a better rate?

Is it likely that the 6 month premium would go up as soon as the 6 months had passed?

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personally i would stick with my current provider. ask your agent if you are getting a multi line discount. i know that if i pulled my auto insurance out and moved it to another company then state farm would charge me more for my homeowners since i get a multi line discount on it as well.

if you change you may end up paying more.

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You do need to make sure that changing insurers woulfn't affect your homeowners' rates. But, all else being equal, I don't see why you wouldn't switch. I'm what you might call a serial insurer. Every time renewal comes around, I browse for rates. Usually, I find one that's significantly less than what I'm paying. It's a pain to switch, but worth it if you're saving hundreds of dollars. I don't bother w/ the companies that are agent-only, since getting quotes is significantly more of a hassle. And I haven't found that agents add anything to the mix. I wish it were so easy to shop for homeowners'--I'd be a serial home insurer too.

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Then logically the thing to do is to have the other insurer quote on both auto and homeowners with their multi-line discount and see if the whole package is cheaper elsewhere.

I would also recommend getting quotes from the two big direct insurers, Geico and Amica. Since they don't have agents earning a 20-25% commission on every premium dollar you pay, they're frequently cheaper.

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if the new insurer you are thinking of using starts with a P and ends with an e and in between is rogressiv (lol)...then i'd recommend going with them. that is unless of course your homeowner's insurance will go up more than the $300.00 if you drop your current insurer for your autos. i've used Progressive for the past 7+ years and i really, really like them. i don't use an agent, i do the "direct" can use them online or just as easily over the phone. my rate has consistently gone down over the past 7 years. well, that was until my last renewal, when we added our teenage son and his car onto our policy. i fully expect our next renewal to reflect a lower rate as that has been the pattern.


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one other thing, if this cheaper agency is a regional or local one, stay as far away as possible. I had policies with several different agencies over the years, and the lowest price ones usually do NOT pay any claims. So far i have not had any claims on SF, but my wife did on her policy before we got married and they always paid her promptly and FULLY. no rate increases either.

shop around, and get the best bang for your buck., this may not be the cheapest, but you will be happier if you ever actually use it.

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You're lucky on State Farm. I was with them for almost 20 years (one at-fault accident, one not, and one ticket [no points]) and the rate kept rising as both the cars and I got older (!). I finally dumped them and never got so much as a "why'd you leave" from either my agent or SF. Obviously, my "neighbors" don't know me very well! I went with American Family. FWIW. I've heard numerous horror stories about P-ends with-e and "Gecko", and, in my case, at least, Amica came up way higher than AF, though I'm sure I would have gotten great service from them.

Definitely shop around both auto and homeowner's insurance. And consider the highest deductibles you can handle. Going to $1,000 can make a sizable difference in the premiums you pay.

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I recently switched my homeowner's over to State Farm, who also holds my auto. I was extremely surprised that I saved almost $500 making that switch. I've only owned my home for 2 years and I've never had a claim but my premium had increased with the previous provider. On a whim, I called my agent at State Farm for a quote. I also changed my policy to include full replacement value. My new premium was $200 less then the previous company and my auto insurance dropped $255. That really surprised me because I did have an accident last year and it's a brand new car.

I would definetly talk to your current company and find out what they can do for you, because as previously stated by others it may effect your homeowner's.

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Hopefully the OP has resolved this by now, but I wanted to share my experience-- after being insured with the company that employs the world's greatest spokesperson in the world for nearly 20 years, claim-free, and suffering yearly increases (although I get it that with all the storm claims in the past years + inflation there would be SOME increase) -- I called to tell them I was switching, and magically the agent who was supposed to be on my side discovered that I was qualified for a lower rate.

I went with the other company anyway--overall a much better package. But the moral of the story is, be in touch with your agent yearly (at least) to discuss your rate, and let him know you are willing to find a new company if he is not competitive.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I called to tell them I was switching, and magically the agent who was supposed to be on my side discovered that I was qualified for a lower rate.

When I called my agent to let him know that I was going to start shopping around for a better price on homeowners and automobile insurance, he too 'discovered' upon checking that he could get me some better rates. Those rates have since been creeping up, (imho a substantial amount) so I might have to have a talk with them again.

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I'm with state farm and that didn't happen when I told them I was getting solicitations with lower rates. :(

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