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andrelaplume2August 7, 2007

I guess I should call sevral local propane deliverers but maybe a heads up here could save me some time. We are likely getting a propane insert. To be honest my wife just wanted a gas logset but I figured we might as well do it right and not only have a nice flame but some extra heat coming into our family room, even if only as a backup if our electric goes off. The real idea here is to have a nice flame. If the thing heats well we may end up using the insert more and more...initially. I guess it won't be until we see how much our electric bill goes down in relation to how much propane we use until we decide how much we really would use the thing.

So renting sounds like the way to go...?

This also makes the figuring the size propane tank to get hard to tell as well. Do we start with something small, something big? Do we rent the tank or buy it? If you rent, is the rental figured into the propane price or must I pay so much a month...even thru the summer when not in use...? What if we don't use it much...surely they must charge some fee if they only fill the a 50 gallon tank or even 100 once a year?

Any with experice care to make some suggestions? What rental plan to look for. Buy the tank etc etc.

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Read the fine print!!!! I believe all the propane suppliers in this area are lacking in customer service. Everyone I know who relies on them for automatic delivery has problems. Do not go with a tank too small! Make sure you get a guage on it & monitor your usage. If you are in a cold climate, you will use it - esp if your remote is set to thermosat - once you feel that toasty heat compared to your heat pump - you will love it! Re the logset - if you are considering non vented - absolutely DON'T.
If you "buy" the tank, you have to maintain it. I don't pay a montly fee, but, my contract says I will pay a huge fee to pull or return the tank. The company has been sold, their service was & is still dreadful, but I'm told that is the story with all the suppliers here. After you spend 3K on the insert - you have to use it!

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andrelaplume2 you do not pay a monthly rental so long as you keep the supplier...until you want to switch....then they hit you up; may I ask how much. It seams I am better off buying a tank and taking my business to the one with the lowest price. What maintenance is there on a tank? Don't the all come with we are just suppose to trust that they do not leak or that they do not over charge....

My fear in using it is that my electric bill may not go down enough to offset the propane use...or even be close. If that happens we would then not use it except for a bit each night for the ambience.

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I built my house in 2001 and through the builder "rented" a 500 gallon underground tank. (to purchase the tank would have been 1500.00) I was required in writing to use at least 600 gallons per year minimum to get the tank for free, or they would charge me for unused portion (at .60 per gallon). Thankfully they never followed through, after year 3 I bought out the tank at the depreciated rate of 1050.00. My main sticking point was that I was locked in with one supplier and they charged me a higher rate per gallon of propane than non-customers paid.(about .30 per gallon). As they say in life, nothing is free!!. I switched suppliers and now get one refill every 18 months or so. I have propane for cooking, and heat, however I do use a woodstove during the winter. Check with a few local propane suppliers, some will require you to get the tank certified each time you change suppliers even if you own it. Personally I am glad I own my, I can buy my propane when I want and am not locked in to a "delivery schedule".

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A local Richmond, Va TV station recently did an expose on this industry. As it seems in the South Propane Dealers are NOT REGULATED in terms of home much they charge, what delivery fees are or what proper business practices & policies should be. This is why they get away with locking you in. Charging you more if you are not "their" customer and putting you on a minimum purchase required plan. It is all done in the name of their profits not yours.

Personally after I found out I could buy my own 500 gal tank for 1500 & get my excavator to bury it. Pay a plumber who was a gasfitter to run the line to my house & fireplace & generator . I decided it was cheaper to do it myself & contract the jobs. Their charge would have been 5500. Then I would also be locked in to purchase my fuel only from them.
Thats a bunch of crapola. Saved 3 Grand doing it my way. My excavator charged me only $200 to bury it & the plumber charged 800 for the line & the fittings. Their is very little required maintenace for this tanks. Don't let them pull that ruse on you!!!!.

Here is a link that might be useful: WWBT12-Propane annual fee

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My advice is to buy your own tank. I bought my own tank 10 years and have had zero problems. The good thing about it is that I can buy my propane from any dealer. Also most propane dealers that I am familiar with in my area require that you purchase a minimum amount per year in order to get the tank so called "free" without a rental fee.

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