Pellet/insert/installation questions, Just need help.

lovethosepalmsAugust 3, 2008

Needing advice on Pellet Fireplace Inserts, I have been looking around the web and trying to decide on which brand of insert I should get and I am getting so confused, I really donÂt know which way is up. I really would like to get one that would burn multi-fuel, if pellets were hard to get and then I would switch to corn or another fuel. But what I am reading the ones that do multi-fuel may not be the best choice. And the features, some say get the one with a room thermostat other manufactures state donÂt get one that has a thermostat. Like I said I am so confused as which brand to purchase.

The other question I have and it may depend on the insert, but the installation is also confusing to me. I have a brick masonry fireplace the front of the opening is 44 inches wide and 30" deep, we have used it for building a fire in it but only a couple of times because itÂs just too hard to clean and maintain, so you can say now it is only used for looks. So here comes the questions, will we have to install a liner? Will we have to run a pipe through the fireplace and out the top of the chimney? Next question I see that we might also might need another pipe also ran up the chimney for a fresh air intake is this true?

Like I said I am confused, both on a model and manufacture, and I sure am confused about the instillation. I think I am going to look around locally just to see what is available, but I sure would like to know what models you guys are using and what you had to do to install your insert, I donÂt mind spending the money on the fireplace or installation, but if you just stick it in the fireplace opening and seal around it I would be a sick puppy when that is something I could have done myself.

Sorry if any of these questions are just plain dumb but if you donÂt know the answers, then maybe they are not dumb questions.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Pellet stove sales have just about cleared current inventory here in New England Many manufactures are now taking orders for fall deliveries

to answer you installation questions one would have to know you clay chimney flue size there are cross-sectional code issues. Plus one would have to know the chimney location a center chimney or an exposed one to the outside Personally The liner installation is going to afford reliable combustion results. Why purchase a stove and have it work half ass? Sealing the place only is not code compliant, there should be a damper block off plate. Once the damper is left open it would be like a window left open at all times
As for brand purchases
the economy end Englanders are fine stoves
Top of the line Harmans if you can get one and Quadrafire to name two

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The Chimney is located in the center of the house. I called around today to see what heating and cooling shop had the inserts but all of them said they did not have them in yet and to call in about 4 to 6 weeks. I also called Lowes and they also said they did not have any stoves or Insert yet, I guess I could order one on-line but not sure if I could get a installer if I order on-line.

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