Any suggestions how to go about this?

summer71February 4, 2012

We ripped out pergo in our kitchen two months ago. We used a guy who refinished our existing wood floors when we moved into the house almost seven years ago. He did a good job then so figured we would use him again. He put in brand new hardwood in the kitchen (as I said, two months ago). We noticed immediately that it scratched super easy. Very different from the rest of the house. They weren't deep scratches but white and literally everywhere. I can honestly say that the floor looks totally trashed two months later. I called him three times (voicemail) and he finally called back last week. He immediately admitted fault and said he might have had a faulty sealer because another customer has also complained. He said he would come by this week. It's now Saturday. We called him twice this week (left messages) and he hasn't called back.

What do we do now? It has to get fixed! Should we keep calling him (he has never actually picked up his phone) or will that freak him out. I just want him to do right by us but not sure he will.

What would you do if you were in our shoes?


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