New Hearth - Drop Off to Fireplace Floor?

lisaslists2000August 28, 2009

Ok, I had no idea how to search for this,so if someone has a thread they want to refer me to, that would be fine, lol.

I'm going to reface my brick floor to (very high - cathederal)ceiling fireplace with little slate subway tiles 1/2 way up, then put a mantle (will be asking about that later), then finish top with stucco and paint wall color. I am going to put a slab of slate on the raised hearth. The hearth is 4 bricks high (a little more than a foot) off the floor.

Is it going to be less "professional" or less attractive to have the slab of slate not even with the firebox floor? Should I remove the top layer of brick on the hearth? Are there potential negatives to removing the top layer of brick?

Thanks for any assistance! If every step of my full house remodel is going to be this intricate and frought with questions, y'all will get to know me well, and I may never get done. Been mentally working on this for months already!


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It's not a problem to raise the hearth above the firebox floor. In fact, in many installations it is purposely done that way to help keep the ashes in the firebox - it also makes it easier to sweep any embers or ashes back into it. In addition, in looking at your pictures it will probably be a tough job to take the top bricks off and you might find some surprises underneath them when you do. If it were me I'd leave them and put the slab on top.

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