Hearthstone Clydesdale 8490 Fireplace Insert

amcarAugust 10, 2005

Does anyone own, or have any experience with a Hearthstone Clydesdale 8490 fireplace insert? I was looking to get some first hand opinions from actual owners on this unit, since I was unable to find any reviews on it anywhere. Any comments appreciated. Thanks

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Sorry, not familiar with this unit. For what it may be worth ... I installed two Regency fireplace inserts (wood burning) three year ago and am very happy with them. I heat nearly 100% with the inserts.

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I got the smaller version of the Clydesdale - the Morgan by Hearthstone...I am having problems with it. I am trying to get the dealer to come make sure it isn't installation errors. The catalitic converter rack falls down. It is held up by two brackets that are attached in the center, causing the brackets to tilt and the convert to fall townrd the back. I think if they were attached on each side of each bracket, then the brackets wouldn't tilt. Also, the front is not firmly assembled, and burning ashes fall down into the fan area and blow out into your hair. It is a small stove, and so when you open the door, embers and logs fall out. The blower didn't come on at first, so they changed it so that I can turn it on at will. Since the ashes fall out of the stove so easily and down into the blower area, my living room is covered in ash. I have to say that it is very pretty to look at though. I really think it is a badly engineered design. The handle strapes the side each time you open or close it too. Anyone having these problems?

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I have the clydesdale unit in my home . My intension was to use it to heat about 2400 sq ft without having to resort to my oil burner . Ive had it now for 1 week and its only been 50 deg during the day and 40deg at night so it really has not been tested . I can say that the 150cfm blower it comes with does almost nothing. Im not sure its even blowing at times because it is so weak . At this point I would have to say the insert works like crap . I think my fireplace heated the house just as well when it was open . The only good point I have noticed is about a 40% decrease in wood usage. But whats the point ? After installation and tax im just under $4100 ! Thats alot of wood ! Should also add that it took 3 months to get due to backorder so check that first.

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I wish I would have found this before I purchased the Clydesdale 8490. I am having the same issues with my insert. I had it installed Feb. 18,2006 after buying it back on November 19,2005 at Ashwood fireplace in NY. I did everything the manual said and I just don't feel the heat they promised. I have it in my living room and I loaded the box completely and had the blower on high, and the room was luke warm. The living room is 400 sq feet and this insert is suppose to kick out enough heat for 2000 sq feet, I expected the living warm to be hot as hell. I got more heat when I had the fireplace doors open. I spent $3600 after all was said and done. Frankly I want my money back. WhatÂs the point of the insert if I still have to kick my oil burner up to 70 to get the house warm? And the blower sucks-the installer came back last Thursday because the blower was making a clanking noise, then a whizzing noise. Well they found a leaf in it that solved the whizzing noise. But today it started making the clanking noise again. This time a got out a tape recorder and recorded the noise. My wife and I are going to the store on Friday to complain and see if we can get a refund. I'm even considering small claims court for false advertising. Hey if you live in NY by some chance and got it at Ashwood, we should both show up at the store and demand our money back. Email me wpion@yahoo.com

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I've had the heartstone Clydesdale for over a year now and am thrilled with it. This being the case I did do a number of custom changes with the unit set-up. These improved a lot of the situations your all talking about.

The blowers that come with it are nearly useless. I have droped two 4x2in squirrel cage fans behind the unit. This helped dramatically. As with most ranch style homes with lots of smaller rooms and hallways, the back end of my house was cold while the living room was too hot. I ducted air from the back bedroom under the house and brought it up directly under the insert. This is powered by a 12' squirrel cage. I now have a house that is warm to the point which I have to open windows occasionally to cool it down.

The only complaint I have with the unit itself is that the blowers didn't move enough air. This being said, with all the extra blowers I have moving air past the unit I'm amazed at how much heat the unit produces. I can stand 12 feet in front of the insert and feel the hot air moving past me.

So in conclusion, the unit produces massive amounts of heat, the problem is moving it out into, and around your house. If you have the ability or resources to improve the circulation of air then you'll be happy with this unit.

Please feel free to email me at tedkomada@yahoo.com with any questions you may have.


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Ted is correct. Google the following - Hearthstone 8490 project - to see the modification I did. Stove is great now.

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