Adding gas line to masonry fireplace

bcarlson78248August 17, 2013

I have a masonry fireplace that was built in 1940. Its been inspected and has no issues for burning logs. However, I would like to convert it to gas logs and I want to understand the requirements before I start getting estimates.

There is a trap in the middle of the firebox and a cleanout/access in the basement below. The basement is unfinished, so you can also access the walls to the left and right of the fireplace. The gas line for the boiler is also at ceiling level in the basement under the firebox area, so it is only about 4 feet from the firebox.

Now I have a few items where I need input.
1. I could run the gas line up into the wall to the left of the fireplace, and then drill straight over into the side of the firebox. This would put the shutoff in the wall next to the fireplace.
As an alternative I could run the line directly up through the floor of the firebox, but I don't know how you would install a shutoff that was accessible. I assume an external shutoff is needed, and it must be accessible from somewhere near the fireplace (not down in the basement).

2. I've seen one article that said I should first install a steel pipe in the masonry as a sleeve, and then the actual gas pipe is run inside the sleeve. However, I haven't found this in any code requirement. Is this the proper way to run the pipe into the firebox?

3. I've contacted a couple of plumbers who are licensed to run gas pipe, but they only keep the license in case they need it on a plumbing job. They don't do gas pipe installations. The places that sell gas logs will run pipe as part of the installation, but they only offer it with a purchase of the logs. Is there another category of licensed repairman I should be looking for, or do I just need to find the right plumber?

I'm at the planning stage and would appreciate any input.



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