Triexta or nylon with cats?

cathyw_gwFebruary 27, 2012

Anyone have any experience with triexta and cats vomiting? Sometimes a cat will throw up right after eating wet food. I read that liquid on the triexta soaks in but is cleanable. With nylon it lays on the top as long as the stain preventer is still present. I tried it with water on the samples and it's true. I have six long haired cats that do get hairballs and occasionally vomit if they eat too fast. I do not want to have to bring out a cleaning machine every time they do this. I have three days to make up my mind!

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Triexta .. no doubt!!!

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Thank you Floortech. One other question I just thought of...if a cat or dog urinates on the triexta and it doesn't puddle on top and I don't know it happened can you see it to clean it up???

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