Can a pillow top mattress be flipped?

blue_fastbackFebruary 8, 2006

I have a simmons pillow top matress that is 2 years old and is not as comfortable as when I got it. It seems to be sagging. I have turned it end for end which helped a little but I am still not happy. It was not worth the big money I paid for it. I was thinking of flipping it. Has anyone tried this?

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it depends on if it's a no flip (one sided mattress) or a double sided mattress. If it looks like there is a big pillow on the side that faces the box spring or foundation or it looks exactly the same as the side thats facing up currently (less wear and tear) than it's a 2 sided mattress.

If thats the case it should have been flipped about 22 months ago. Mfg's recommend flipping every month or two. for a 2 sided matt.
If you try to warranty it and they see it hasn't been flipped they may void it.

If it's a one sided then no it cant be flipped.

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I thought newer mattresses were made so no flipping was needed.

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Not all of them.
No Flips are great racket started by the big "S" brands.
"HEY, Lets take a third of the amount of product out of a mattress and advertise it as a no flip then charge 1/3 more."
That'$ their mentality.

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My suspicion is that 'no flip' matresses are marketing hype. I'd like to see some sort of a technical description of the difference between 'no flip' and regular.
To the point of the OP, I don't think a pillow top matress would be designed to be flipped, if there's no matching pillow top on the bottom side. Otherwise, you have the pillow top on the top only half the time!
An option would be to rotate the mattress (so the head is at the feet, and vice versa). Maybe that would help?

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In the days before no-flips, all mattresses were two-sided. This included pillow tops. Both sides had the additional pillow top sewn on to the mattress.
A no-flip mattress has one fully upholstered side, with whatever fill materials between you and the springs. The other side is a piece of foam covered in a cloth.
They are not marketing hype, just a realization that consumers didn't flip mattresses when they could. So why make two-sided pieces?

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The mattress and has the pliiow top on one side so I guess its not suppose to be flipped. I just wonder if any one has flipped this style? I have no idea want kind of warranty comes with the mattress. I found no warranty papers with my receipt. When I emailed Simmons about flipping and the fact I was not very satisfied that the mattress is sagging, they were not much help. They never said anything in reguards to flipping and said IF there is a warranty issue that I need to contact the store where it was purchased from. I seem to never have any luck trying to warranty a product that Impurchase when something is wrong with it. How does a mattress start sagging after only 2 years and designed no to be flipped?


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I suspect that if you flipped it anyway, it would be very uncomfortable. I don't think they built the bottom of the matress in a way that would be meant to be slept on. Have you tried the rotate option?

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I have rotated the mattress. It helped some but not enough.

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I have the same problem. I'm tired of the sagging and simmons 1.5 inch policy won't cover me so I'm just going to try and flip it and see how it feels. Maybe I'll add a foam topper.

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it cant hurt..i do it, if nothing else, but to get the aeration on both sides. lets not forget those COOTIES that multiply like crazy, in matresses and pillows..

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We have the same problem with our simmons heavenly bed (no flip pillow top). It's about 3 years old, but started noticing a problem after only a year. The 1.5 inch policy is our problem too. Rotating it may help some, but then I get my husband's side which is sagging worse (he's a big guy). I know we won't buy simmons again.

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I agree that the Simmons mattresses are not what they used to be. But then, is anything else and agree about the warranties. These are "gimmicks" that are rarely is ever honored and if they are, it cost the consumer more time to get them honored than the value of the warranty. It is infuriating. Oh, yes, go buy something at the big box stores and ask them about the warranty and they tell you to call the company. You call the company and they tell you to call the point of purchase. It's designed that way. I tell you, the system's again' us.

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I found this forum because I too am unhappy with my one-sided pillow top that is only a couple years old and starting to sag horribly. The dip in the middle is so obvious my cat curls up there. I'm terribly disappointed and after reading these responses, I see that I'm not alone. Lesson learned, I guess.

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I have a expensive Spring Air, which now has a grand canyon in the middle,it is a one sided pillow topped, I'm going to slice the padding off of the top with a stich ripper,then flip the mattress,and pin the pillow-top on the other side. nothing to loose,I can't get comfortable in it as is.

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Same problem with my Simmons "heavenly" bed. It's 3 years old but started sagging after 1st year. It ain't so "heavenly" anymore. No more Simmons.

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Was there ever any resolution to the "can you flip a non-flip mattress" question? Has anyone tried it? I kind of agree with @david_gf_2006 that it's probably a marketing gimmick.

I have a non-flip, non-pillowtop that just has the ticking on the one side. It's an extra-firm mattress.

I wondered if I bought a mattress pad with a little extra cushion, or maybe a foam topper, if I could flip the mattress and sleep on the underside.

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We had nothing to lose so we DID flip ours over. We have a Simmons no flip sagging pillowtop too. We've gotten no where with Simmons or the store we bought it from so finally just decided to turn it over. It's not super comfortable, but better than the alternative. I am disgusted that we spent $1000 on a mattress that is so poorly designed. Never again Simmons!!!!

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I'm having the same problem and thought of flipping and buying one of the 5" toppers. My only concern is if the springs will poke me in the back or they only spring one way or are closer to the top. I'm going to try it, got nothing to lose. MY MATTRESS IS A KINGSDOWN 800. I paid $4200. It lost its loving feeling after 6 months and after two years gives me backaches. GOT IT AT SIT'N SLEEP. I had an inspection and it didn't measure 1 1/2 inches as required by the warranty. However, I intend to pursue the IMPLIED WARRANTY of mechantability and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, the purpose being a healthful sleep for more than two years. It seems like everyone is getting backaches from these pillowtops. The inspector told me that there is only one mattress nowadays that is flippable and that's CUSTOM COMFORT. They're in southern California. They're the only ones I can't find any negative comments about.

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anyways, I found this forum because the simmons I paid $100 dollars for at an outlet store which I LOVE because the top layer zips off and I can wash it, started sagging after about 6 years and today I turned it over and we're laying on it right now. it's very firm like a futon, but i'm either going to buy a memory foam 4 inch topper for it and sleep on it another 6 years, or i'll break down and buy a 12 inch memory foam mattress that has good reviews from w mart. I used to spend money for mattresses but I got burned by QVC when I bought a very expensive supposed 20 year warranty memory foam mattress from them and when it started to sag and slump after 3 years ABSOLUTELY NO ONE would help me, QVC's warranty was 30 days and the mattress company wouldn't answer their phone calls. I did burn them though because I did that nice fake phone in thing until I got on air and pretended to call in good things but I punked them and started talking about how badly it sagged and no one would answer the phones at the company. it was really funny and ever since then I decided to buy extremely cheap mattresses (I feel incredibly happy my $100 simmons has lasted me 6 years!!!) because as you can see from the woman above who spent 4200 on one, they're all scams and none of these fake warranties covers anything. Since this post is so old i'd love to hear how you all ended up fairing all these years. p.s. i'm a fan of simmons because I like the individual coils and it not moving plus the zip off topper is great to be able to have a freshly washed bed as often as I like. I do notice after flipping it that the individual coils no longer work and you do get a little motion from your partner but I should be able to get rid of that when I get my gel memory foam topper from w mart. yeah I know-hate me for shopping at w mart, but in this economy, I can no longer afford to be all she she buying expensive non box store stuff. there are no jobs where I live so wmart it is.

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My wife and I purshased a Tempurpedic about 6 years ago and it is still perfect. Prior to that we purchased a very costly pillow top and paid $4200 for it. We had the same sagging problem. It looked like new but it was uncomfortable. We gave it to the drivers when they delivered our Tempurpedic.

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