Advice Needed Badly For Choosing Recliner For COPD Patient

janlee64February 17, 2014

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Help Choosing Recliner For COPD Patient
Posted By janlee, 2/17/2014

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My Mom needs a good DURABLE recliner as she not only sits in it during the day, she sleeps in it at night! We simply can not afford a high-end chair. We have to stay under $600. We are not looking for leather or such. She actually prefers fabric upholstery, such as the microfiber. Also, we are not expecting "champagne on a beer budget". But hopefully, someone here can recommend either particular brands or models or tell me what to avoid and what to look for when checking a recliner out. There must be some questions to ask the salesperson that will help us choose.
If we could afford to buy her a new chair every couple of years, I wouldn't worry so much, but unfortunately, this is not the case. She is ailing, so please, if you can, any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Will her health insurance pay for one as a medical necessity?

Maybe you could also rent a medical recliner, or buy a used one? You really need a heavy duty one, as using it 24/7 will wear a regular one out quickly.

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You might check Carigs list and look at Bradington Young. A new one from BY would be substabtially more than your budget. I can't really think of a quality recliner at $600.

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I dont know if you still need the information, but I am wondering if you found something. I was going to suggest one with the power lift. we are thinking about getting one for my father in law who is in reasonably good health but is over 90 and we notice he strains to gget out of the recliner. have you seen these? I am linking to sears, but I am sure you can shop around. I see most of these are more money but I am also sure you can find discounts/ coupons to bring it inline with what you are looking to spend. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: sears power lift various recliners

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

If you do not turn uo a good second hand lift chair which I think is a good idea, buy an Ashley one from a reasonably competent retailer. It will come with a warranty and they can ship out parts.

Quiz your retailer about their who does repairs for them. Don't buy if no one in store knows about the serial number location. Consider the MFS warranty. That company has paid us to trade out leather chairs kids wrote on and pub stools people rubbed the stain off the stretchers of. You must keep your paperwork right and all that as they ARE a warranty company but MFS seems the least pain of the bunch.

Far as favorite recliner? Meh. Like most new cars the ones I see look competitive with one another.

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