sleep number beds

dougy2040February 7, 2009

Does anyone have information or experience with the Select Comfort sleep number beds, good or bad experiences? We have slept on a good quality waterbed for twenty plus years, and think now we need a change to something better. We are both having back pain.

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tempur pedic or if you have bedroom one in your area check out their comfort pedic.

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I have had one of the original sleep number beds for 13 years and we are very happy with it. We also have one at our cabin as well. I have several relatives and friends who also have them and no one is ready to trade it in on anything else.

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I hated mine :( My son in law doesn't like his (haven't heard if my daughter still likes it or not). My best friend agrees it's certainly not the most comfortable bed she's slept in but it helps her back. Her husband doesn't like it. Another friend just traded hers for a regular bed. I've never slept on one but I've heard people complain that the Temperpedic(sp?) mattresses are quite hot. Sorry, it's a tuff thing for others to advise :(

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IÂve been wondering about the Temperpedics. I received a sample, and itÂs certainly cushy, but IÂm not sure I believe what they say about pressure points. Plus, I would think synthetic foam would not let the skin breathe. I find synthetic fabrics in things like socks or slippers make me perspire. I had several Dearfoams slippers and couldnÂt wear them for more than a few minutes. WouldnÂt foam in a mattress do the same thing? But maybe thatÂs just me.

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