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vampiressrnAugust 2, 2010

This is posted in Home Decor too, but thought I would check here to see if anyone has suggestions. THANX

I have a gas fireplace in my family room on a raised hearth. I really love it and use it to warm the room and for looks in the winter. The fireplace itself is a contemporary insert and my room is more traditional, so I have a free-standing screen in front of it and I am very happy with that. The problem is, people are constantly sitting on the corners of the hearth when I have parties. I am concerned about them scratching the surface or discoloring it.

I think I will just embrace the issue and place two cushions on the places where people sit, then that will reduce the chances of surface damage. I have no idea of the construction, so assume the weight of someone sitting there is not an issue. I don't want to put any decorative vases or such there as I have some items on the mantle and prefer to keep it simple. I am thinking I just want some bohemian looking thin pillows though...the pillows can't be too big as the areas are small. Any suggestions?

Sorry but burned out today, so don't feel like taking pictures. However, this is similar to mine. It is wood and the insert area is covered by a 3-panel free-standing screen that angles out to within about 6 inches from the edge. The area where people sit are on the corners. So looking at this picture it would be about the area where that large pot is sitting.

I have looked for pillows, can't find any so may end up making them myself and would use a white felt back. I was also thinking about a fender...but that seems like a PIA.

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