Mantis Fireplace Insert--Very efficient, but is it good?

archsteveAugust 23, 2010

Hi all,

Apparently Mantis Fireplace inserts are a fairly new product, and have a high efficiency (natural gas) rating. I am very tempted to get one, but I cannot find many reviews out there. Anybody know anything about them?



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Bump for more information!

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Your in luck.

My company JUST installed 6 Mantis firpelaces into a condo complex in Denver, CO.

I have to admit that these little guys are the ticket. Talk about kick butt.

They are somewhat easy to install, but, the product is totally cool and from what I hear (these are just finished) are very efficient.

Please contact me for more information and I can also offer pricing through my company to see what kind of pricing you can get.

You can't go wrong with these fireplaces.

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jph1, if you will either update your profile to include email from members, or send me your info, I'll get in touch! Also in Colo.

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jph1, I'm wondering if you got the feeling Mantis will take the wear and tear of very frequent use in those 6 condos. For example I hear that the very highest efficiency regular forced-air furnaces have more service calls than the 2nd tier efficient units. I love the idea of using Mantis as primary heat in a zone but in an advanced condensing design like Mantis I am a little nervous something will need service sooner or later. Like is it a small condo where this is the main heat source (frequent use) or a big condo where there is also central forced air maybe only occasional use if it's in a formal living room), or...

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The word I'm getting is early adopters had some issues with their units, however the company seems to have made some changes which resolved most of them.
I would, however, like to hear from some actual users!

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