Quick help needed! Does this look right?

madtown_2006_gwFebruary 6, 2013

Should the gaps between the plywood subfloor be this wide? They are not all this wide, these are the only two places. It's about 1/4" in the first photo and almost 1/2" near the top of the second photo. This is the second layer of plywood, by the way. The first (original) layer is only 1/2" so he is adding another 1/4" before putting down 3/4" pre-finished hardwood floors.

Thank you SO much!

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There's no problem leaving a small gap between sheets of plywood. I've seen 3/4" solid wood laid directly over joists 16" on center and we've often laid over 2x4s laid 12" on center.
Leaving a small gap between sheets could reduce the possibility of squeaking.
I wouldn't worry about it.

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